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Feel secure with Chinavasion's top collection of video door phones and wireless intercom systems, buy cheap home security systems on Chinavasion electronics wholesale online store to save more budget. Affordable, high quality and super easy to install.

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Smart Video Door Phone

Times have changed and it’s no longer safe to leave your exterior doors unlooked. In fact most entrance doors now have added scrutiny features such as a spy hole, and most people use a chain on their front door as well for an extra level of front door security.

One of the newer secure door entry systems being used today is designed specifically to bring security and peace of mind; these are commonly known as video door systems and may be referred to as door phones or door intercoms.

What is a Video Door Phone?

A Video Door Phone is a new type of intercom system that uses a door camera typically installed into a doorbell, so as the operator can see a visual verification of who is at their door. These video intercom systems use two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter typically combines a video camera and intercom with a doorbell.

The receiver is usually a small screen that displays the output from the camera mounted in the transmitter and includes intercom controls. In many products the receiver can be used to remotely open a door that has been set up with an electronic lock.

When someone comes to the front door they ring the electronic doorbell and the receiver will then notify the owner that there is someone at the door. The owner can then interact with the receiver to view and communicate with the caller and in many cases even unlock the door as well, if required.

What are the Benefits of Door Intercom Systems?

The vast majority of these business and home video intercom systems are wireless so the owner can answer the door remotely, also because the wireless intercom systems typically have a large range they allow the receiver to be located anywhere in the house, office or even in the back garden.

This lets owners continue with their daily routine without having to worry about not hearing a visitor. Many people find this a distinct advantage. The elderly, disabled and those with mobility difficulties, find that a wireless home intercom system gives them the freedom to get on with their daily routine without having to wait patiently near the door for visitors or guests to arrive.

Another advantage is the peace of mind this brings. The added security of being able to view the front door remotely can bring confidence to those living alone or who may feel vulnerable answering the door to strangers. With features that allow the users to see exactly who is at the door before answering, front door cameras and video transmitters even have controls to record pictures of visitors so users get added confidence and security at their property.

Which Doorbell Camera is Right for Me?

Chinavasion has a large range of intercom systems for home or business use, and they are available with a varying number of transmitters and receivers that allow them to be set up for several exterior doors to a property.

If you have electronic door locks then there are options that will work with these to give remote door unlocking functions. For more security conscious users there are intercom systems that can record and store images of visitors, which is particularly useful for business applications where security guards or secure sites need to log in guests or verify ID before permitting access.

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