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Wholesale Android TV Box / Stick From China

Turning your HD TV in an Android powered Smart TV has never been this easy and affordable. Forget about buying a new TV with a few average smart functions. With Android Chinavasion's Android Mini PC, such as an Android TV box or Android TV stick you get access to anything you usually enjoy on your phone, but now directly on a big screen.

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Android Mini PC: What is it all about?

Android first came to our phones, then it slowly took over our tablets and now it's aiming for your TV. Becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, Android Mini PCs are an easy way of turning your TV into an Android Smart TV without having to buy a whole new TV set. Coming in all kind of different sizes and shapes, there is no real definition about what an Android stick has to be capable of to be called a media player. Some will be able to play 720p video, others are powerful enough to handle 1080p video, or even 4k. Some will have a built in camera allowing you to video chat and even others will be as powerful as your laptop. But the one thing they all have in common is that they run on Android, instantly make your TV smart and open a whole new world of multimedia for you to explore.

What's in the Android Box and Android TV Stick wholesale subcategories?

As mentioned before, Android PCs come in all kinds of different shapes and price ranges. Ranging from ultra small Android TV sticks not much bigger than a lighter to the bigger Android TV boxes, there is something for every kind of user in this category. If you are looking for a portable option on which you can quickly store all your movies and music, we recommend you to go for the Android TV Sticks. If you wish to turn your own TV into a Smart TV, try one of the bigger Android TV boxes, these are usually a bit more powerful and come with various options. There is one thing you can rest assure of, no matter which Android Player you choose, we guarantee that you will get them at the lowest wholesale price!

What can an Android TV Box do?

An Android Media Player is basically a PC packed in a much smaller housing. It comes with a processor, RAM, internal memory, a Wi-Fi receiver, USB ports, an HDMI connection and as operation system it runs Android. The core advantage of a Media Player is that it has been specifically designed to be used with your TV, hence the HDMI connection or AV ports, and easily lets you stream video to it, browse the web, install apps and more. Just imagine yourself sitting in your sofa, watching YouTube on your TV and then switching back to regular TV shows. Or quickly post a Tweet, update your Facebook status, check IMDB and so much more.

Coming ready straight out of the box, all you have to do is hook it up to your TV or any other screen and you're ready to go! No long installations, no activations required, and all of that within the familiar environment of Android. So if you already have an Android Phone or Tablet, you already know how to operate your new Android box. If not, don't worry, Android is extremely user friendly and its intuitiveness is one of the main reasons so many users before you have chosen for it.

Windows TV Box & Mini PCs

Windows is becoming increasingly popular on TV Boxes and mini PCs with a number of HDMI PC sticks and dual boot Android and Windows TV boxes. The generally have all the features of an Android media player but user the Windows OS which many office workers are more familiar with.

You get access to Microsoft's own app store and can enjoy compatibility with the common office files and formats letting you work from them with ease as well as enjoy plenty of online and offline entertainment.

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