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Cell Phone Watch & Watch Phone for Sale

Cell Phone Watch and mobile watch phones galore are available in this wholesale watch phone category where you can discover the best Android watches and other touch screen watches from China. They own more useful functions than traditional items. Phone Watches are a truly exciting new communication products, which are really hot these days!

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Cell Phone Watch

There are many products invented, developed and launched every day, but when you ask the question: "What's going to be the next BIG THING?" Most people will place there bet on cell phone watches.

Just like 007, you can use these tech gadgets with SIM card to do everything you can with a normal Mobile Phone including calling and taking pictures! Most phone watches have all the features of popular cellphones from HTC and Nokia, supply install nano SIM card, but come in a more convenient wrist watch style form factor that makes them better for today's busy young professionals.

Whatever you find a gift for men, for kids or girls, it'll be a good gift, especially require the function with GPS tracker monitor for kids.

Best Watch Phone of Android

Using an Android watch phone doesn't mean giving up any of the features you want and enjoy in a full-size model. Most of these Android watches have touchscreens, MP3 and MP4 media players, Bluetooth, heart rate monitor and even video cameras. Our selection of Cell Phone Watches with SIM card slot are GSM cellular handphones that can be used worldwide. Now they are available at significantly lower wholesale prices. Not is it convenient to buy products for yourself, but at the same time resellers are now able to make big profits by reselling our wrist phones. Simply list our cell phone wristwatches on eBay, get orders and we ship it directly to your end consumer. This means that there is zero risk for the mobile watch reseller.

Touch Screen Watches

Most Android wristwatches are great for active people that don't want to have to carry a phone in their pockets. In addition, the touch screen of the wristwatches is very user-friendly and you'll get a lot of looks and questions about your new phone watch from people everywhere you go. No phone is more convenient than one that's always at your finger tips. A touch screen watch has way more functionality than traditional wristwatches including the possibility to serve the web, heart rate monitor, read emails and taking pictures in high quality. The touch mobile watch is sooner or later going mainstream. Read in the next paragraph why this is the case.

Android Wear Wristwatches

The touch watch phone industry is experiencing a revolution with the arrival of Android Wear OS. Until now, wrist phones are a cool gadget to own, but with the new Android Wear, the OS will disrupt the industry significantly. Android Wear is a fully customized OS for small touch screens on a wrist phone and this will significantly improve the user-friendliness. Watch phones are going mass market. At Chinavasion, we bet that Rolex and Cartier is getting nervous!

Watch Cell Phones & Watch Mobile Phones

Watch cellphones become really useful once you can do everything that you can do on your phone. An average tech lover owns so many devices nowadays that things become so difficult to carry them all around. With a smartwatch phone, you are basically having a 2-in-1 device that is easy to wear on your wrist.

Best Gift for Men

It's a good gift for your boyfriend or husband. Whatever you searching for a sports item, smart item, fitness item, or more function in it, you can select an affordable item on Chinavasion. Feel free to get help from us if you need some suggestions. By the way, you can also look for some items for kids and women as you need while searching the item for men.
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