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Chinavasion Data Feeds, RSS, API and Product Status Log

This page is for more advanced Registered Chinavasion Customers who are interested in our data feeds, RSS and API. Feel free to send an email to our customer support or start a 24/7 English live chat

If you want help on any of these topics, simply .

Quick Answers

How to track which products are out of stock or going offline soon

On the individual product page of the web shop, it will tell you if the product is unavailable and when it is coming back. Products soon expected to go offline will also tell you.

If you want lists of products recently gone offline, or put back in stock, see our Product Status Log, more notes below.

How to track new products and special discount offers as soon as they are added to Chinavasion

Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, click here.

The New Products Page is at www.chinavasion.com/new - You can subscribe to its RSS feed, see the RSS section below.

The Special Offers page is at www.chinavasion.com/specials - This also has an RSS feed, see below.

How to get a list of all products and shipping prices

See the Datafeeds topics below.

How to download product images easily for advertising products on your own site or auctions

See the Product Images section below.


Are you tired of manually uploading products into your store? Get rid of this time consuming activity by using Chinavasion’s data feeds. Visit our data feed information page for all the details.

RSS Feeds

Chinavasion provides you with RSS feeds so you can track products and news with an RSS reader.

Here is a list of our main RSS feeds:

If you are only interested in following one category, every category has its own RSS feed, which you can find in the address bar of your browser when in the category.

For example in the category Android Phones the RSS feed is //rss.chinavasion.com/android-phones.xml

If you want to learn about what RSS is and how to use it, click here.

Chinavasion API

Our API provides you the possibility to securely connect our system with your website to automate certain dropshipping activities such as listing products and processing orders. Visit our API page. Note that this page is also accessible through the left side bar the My Account page.

Also visit our knowledge base for frequently asked questions about our API.

Product Status Log

We currently provide some data lists in Google Spreadsheets, which means you can view the data online, or download it and open in Excel.

Currently you can find:

  1. A spreadsheet of the recently added new products.
  2. A list of the products that are going offline soon. You can also view all these soon-to-be-discontinued products in one page on our shop here.
  3. A list of all the products on special offer currently.
  4. A list of all accessories which we can offer, such as spare batteries,earphones, cables etc that match the main products you are ordering. You can also search for accessories in our shop by using the model code.

Click here to go to the main Data Lists page.

Product Status Log

Similar to our Data Lists described above, we also currently offer 2 different Google Spreadsheets for:

  1. A list of all the products that are currently in stock. Therefore products NOT on this list are out of stock.
  2. A log showing which products ran out and closed on each day, going back several weeks, as well as which products have come back online after being restocked.

Preview of product status log
Preview, click image to visit the list or see more links below.

Product Images

If you are sourcing from us and selling Chinavasion products as your business, on your own website or on Amazon, eBay etc, you can use Chinavasion's product images. See our Fair Use Policy here. To use pictures, you should download /save the image and re-upload it wherever you are using it, on your website hosting or eBay etc. Don't hot link using the original Chinavasion image URL as it is not nice and your images might stop working if we see it.

Because they are awesome, Gold and Platinum level Chinavasion members can get a ZIP file of product images from each product page on our site. If you are a Gold or Platinum customer, check it out or ask your sales rep for help.

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