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MP3 / MP4 Players

Chinavasion is a wholesale website that offers a wide range of products, including mp4 digital players. These portable devices are designed to play music, videos, and other digital media, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite content on the go. Mp4 digital players are similar to mp3 players, but they offer more advanced features and capabilities. In addition to playing music, they can also play videos and display photos, making them a versatile choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a variety of digital media.

Whether you are looking for a basic mp4 player or a more advanced digital player, Chinavasion has you covered. With a wide range of products to choose from, including portable mp3 players, digital players, and more, you can find everything you need to enjoy your favorite music and media on the go. And with dropshipping available, it's easier than ever to offer these products to your customers. So why wait? Start shopping for your perfect mp4 digital player today!

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Digital media players like the Chinavsion selection of MP4 and MP6 products are a sure money maker for any dropshipper. Order a few different samples, choose the models you like, or the models you think will sell best, and then order in bulk to save on shipping and get an even better wholesale price.

Our huge range of MP4 Player and (dare we use the Chinese names) MP5 and MP6 Player products will astound you. We have everything from smaller simple players through to our flagship touch screen large memory units.

MP4 player is so versatile and proves to continually be one of the highest selling categories in our catalog. When putting movies onto your MP4, make sure the resolution of the film matches your units native screen resolution to get the best picture quality.

MP3 Players and MP4 Players are Still Essential Gadgets!

MP3 and MP4 players let you take your music and videos with you - wherever you go. One of the wonders of digital technology is that an MP3 player small enough to fit in the palm of your hand can store thousands of your favourite songs. And you can watch your favourite movies on an MP4 player small enough to strap on your wrist.

MP3 and MP4 players are lightweight and easy to use and will play for hours on a single battery charge, which means that you can enjoy your favourite music and films whenever and wherever you want.

Transferring your movies and music from a PC or Mac is simplicity itself, which means it is easy to back up and organise a lifetime's worth of entertainment and carry it round with you in your pocket. And once they're on your player you can mix and match your songs in any order, creating playlists to fit your mood.

Chinavasion offers a broad range of cool and low-priced MP3 and MP4 players for you to choose from. Whatever your lifestyle, there's an MP3 or MP4 player to suit you.

What's Available From Chinavasion For MP3s and MP4s ?

MP3/MP4 players are available in a wide variety of types and styles. It is easy to find one to fit your lifestyle. If you go to the gym regularly you might want an ultra-light MP3 player that fits into a headband to keep you motivated as you burn off the calories on the rowing machine. Like swimming? Then why not try a waterproof MP3 player that's as happy underwater as it is on dry land. Waterproof MP3 players are great for bath time too, providing you with your very own relaxing soundtrack as you soak in the tub.

Our selection of MP4 players includes the versatile "LetCool" on which you can watch videos, listen to music and play 3D games -- you can even take photos with it, or read an eBook. Or you might be interested in the "Timesnap", a versatile MP3/MP4 player that can clip on your wrist, your arm, even a bag.

So whether you want to listen to music at the gym, watch a video on your way to work or chill out to some of your favourite tracks at the swimming pool, Chinavasion has the ideal product to match your needs.

As a retailer, MP3 and MP4s are a hot category for you to profit from, either in wholesale bulk orders or single item dropship deliveries. In fact, our MP3 and MP4 players are so versatile that they continue to be one of our highest selling categories, making them ideal for reselling. You could order a few different samples, choose the models you like, or the models you think will sell best, and then order in bulk to save on shipping and get an even lower wholesale price.

MP3 Players In Daily Life...

It's happened to all of us. There's a programme on the radio you want to listen to, but the phone rings and you miss it. With an MP3 or MP4 player this is not a problem as most radio stations let you "listen again". All you need to do is download the podcast to your PC, plug your player into your computer with a USB cable, and "drag and drop" the file onto your MP3 player. You need never miss your favourite programme again.

The daily journey to and from work can easily become a daily grind. Stuck in traffic, jostled by other passengers, you find yourself staring out of the window, wondering how long it will be before you finally arrive. But time is precious! With an MP3 or MP4 player you can turn wasted time into golden time. You could listen to your favourite music for instance, or discover a new band, catch up with a radio show -- even watch a movie or the latest episode of a TV series. Or why not use the time to listen to an audio book or learn a new language? MP3 and MP4 players are much smaller than a laptop and easy to conceal, making them ideal for commuters on busy buses or trains.

Digital Media Players, Tech Glossary...

  • MP3
    MP3 stands for MPEG Layer 3 -- it is a format for storing audio digitally. MP3 files are compressed and take up less space than a CD recording. On average, a 2GB MP3 player can store up to 1,000 songs.
  • MP4
    MP4 stands for MPEG Layer 4 -- it is like MP3, except it is for video as well as audio. This means you can watch movies on an MP4 player.
  • WMA
    WMA stands for Windows Media Audio -- it is a form of data compression developed by Microsoft specifically for audio files.
  • GB
    GB stands for gigabyte, which is approx equivalent to 1,000 megabytes (MB). On average, 1 GB can hold four hours of video or 500 songs.
  • Water rating
    Some of our MP3 players are waterproof. They have a waterproof rating of IPX8. This is an internationally recognised European (ECC) Water Protection Specification. A waterproof ration of IPX8 means that the device is suitable for continual submersion in water, including sea water.

History Of MP3

MP3 and MP4 players come in all shapes and sizes. They have been popular ever since they were first introduced in the late 1990s. Lightweight, easy to use and capable of storing 1,000s of songs, they are extremely popular with young and old alike.

There are many different models to choose from. There's Apple's famous iPod of course, but products from other manufacturers offer very similar specifications. Sony, the creators of the original Walkman, has its own range of MP3 products that look like mobile phone, while Samsung's "Pebble" doesn't even have a screen but is small, round and (well) pebble-shaped.

Chinavasion's own products rival those of the major competitors in terms of features and quality, but cost far less to purchase. Because MP3 and MP4 players are so small, they can be fitted into almost any form factor. We've had fun with this, and offer you waterproof MP3 players, an MP3 player in a pair of sunglasses, a Beanie hat MP3 player and a headband MP3 player. We even have an MP4 player in the form of a stylish wristwatch, which lets you watch your favourite films and tell the time too. It even comes with its own compass!


Our MP4 players are capable of playing back many other formats alongside MP4s. Products such as our Multimedia MP4 watch is capable of supporting a wide range of formats including MPG, FLV, M4V, PMP, AVC, FLV, VOB, MPEG, SWF and, of course, MP3s. All of the file formats can be easily drag-and-dropped onto the MP3 or MP4 player via a simple plug-and-play PC connection.

Comparing Prices?

Factors governing the cost of an MP3 or MP4 player are the size of the memory (how many songs or videos can it store), the size and type of screen and any additional features the product may have. Our Multimedia MP4 Watch Player, for instance, not only lets you view your favourite movies - this clever little device is also a digital watch, a digital compass, and a sound/voice recorder. You can even look at photos on it or read an eBook!

Best MP3 Player?

The "Leviathan" 8GB Waterproof MP3 player looks just like a normal MP3 player, except you can use it underwater. It comes with waterproof headphones, a bright OLED screen and a monstrous 8GB of internal memory, capable of storing up to 4,000 songs. In the unlikely event that you grow tired of your MP3s, you could use the USB 2.0 cable to download some new songs from your computer in double-fast time.

The battery can be recharged via the USB cable and lasts for up to eight hours, which means that you could spend all day in the sea without running out of music to listen to. Once you're out of the water, you can use the Leviathan's FM transmitter to play MP3s on your car's FM radio -- you don't need a cable, and they sound great!

The Future For MP3

Some gadget pundits have questioned the point of MP3 and MP4 players now that smartphones can easily double as music player and even let you watch videos via the internet. However, there is still a place for the affordable MP3 or MP4 player -- they are light, very portable and not loaded up with all you phone numbers and emails which means, if the worst comes to the worst, you can afford to lose one.

In the future, you can expect MP3 and MP4 players to come with larger internal memories, meaning that you can store even more songs and video data. Better screen resolution will make videos more pleasurable to watch, while improved audio quality and more sophisticated headphones will mean that music and movie soundtracks sound even clearer than they do now.

Tips For MP3 MP4 Sellers

Retailers and dropshippers of MP3 and MP4 players should consider selecting good titles and description keywords to attract more customers. Remember consumers may be searching on eBay or elsewhere for "digital MP3 players", "MP3 audio players", "MP3 players", "MP4 digital players", "media players" or "video players". There is no harm in adding titles and keywords that match the keen bargain hunter, either, such as "cheap MP3 players", "cheap electronics", "discount gadgets" or even cheap "iPods". Of course resellers should point out that Chinavasion products are not only high quality but also highly affordable.

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