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RSS - Using RSS To Stay Updated On China Wholesale Products

What is RSS?

  • RSS means "Really Simple Syndication"...
  • ...RSS is a data-feed from a website, that lists all the most recentlyupdated items (pages, products etc) in a category.
  • What this means is that, instead of going to hundreds of your favouritewebsites to check for updates, you just have one homepage or reader page,and all the updates come to you!
  • There are any number of free RSS reader programs you can get online,and it's easy, timesaving, and addictive to start plugging yourself into the"Web 2.0" !


Why Is RSS Useful At Chinavasion?

  • Using RSS you can get instant alerts ofnew items onChinavasion.
  • If you have a favourite category, you can subscribe to just thatcategory and get instant updates when new products are launched.
  • By subscribing to the ChinavasionBlog RSS Feed, youcan stay up to date with news and useful wholesale advice.


Top Chinavasion RSS Feeds:


Watch This Video Introduction To What RSS Is And How To UseIt:


Recommended RSS readers:

  • Mozilla Firefox - the best internet browser incorporates live bookmarks. When you bookmark an RSS feed URL and click on the bookmarkin your menu, it expands to show all the items in the RSS feed. You can also get cool Firefox RSS add-ons.
  • BlogLines - Works fast, all online, and you can pull in lots of new interesting feeds using their searchfunctions.
  • NewsGator - Lots of free RSS reader tools, including plugins for Microsoft Outlook and reader software for mobile devices.
  • FeedReader - Free download; stand-alone software.
  • FeedShow Online RSS reader; you need to sign up free.
  • Not a Windows user? Check out RSS Readers For Linux or RSS Readers For Mac

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