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Game Cameras & Fishing Gear

Browse Chinavasion's impressive range of best game cameras. All our trail cameras are in stock and come at attractive wholesale prices. Not into hunting, but you are a fishing fanatic? Then checkout our professional fishing gear such as a underwater fishing camera. 100% quality checked by our in-house quality team and with 1 year quality warranty. Chinavasion's products are available at wholesale prices and we ship globally.

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Chinavasion is home to a host of electronic gadgets and cameras aimed at making your life easier. Whether you are a hunter, environmentalist, scientist, marine engineer or a cameraman, our range of game cameras and underwater fishing cameras will help you track even the most elusive quarry above or below the waves.

Use Laser rangefinders for pinpointing targets and digital binoculars to scan for you prey. Alternatively, amateur bird watchers or devoted twitchers alike can enjoy the birdsong of our bird callers and attract a range of species wherever they are.

Best Game Cameras & Trail Cameras

Game Cameras also known as trail cameras are a type of camera designed for extended unmanned use outdoors. For this reason they are typically tough and weatherproof as well as having a good battery life.

The trail and hunting cameras featured on our website allow for remote pictures, or in some instances videos to be recorded and are triggered when the built in motion detection sensors are tripped. Some of these motions activated cameras can also send a mobile alert to your phone and can even allow images to be viewed remotely.

This kind of ability allows wildlife cameramen, hunters, and environmental researchers to track the movement of animals without having to spend hours in a hide monitoring just one spot. You can fasten them to trees trunks or hang them from branches and by using just a few of these motion sensitive cameras you can cover a large area of wilderness or forest with minimal effort.

As animals are active around the clock the cameras feature powerful IR vision so it can capture footage at night as well as in the day. Some cameras also feature solar powered recharge packs; therefore they can be recharged when away from civilization.

All the captured images can be stored on memory cards to be downloaded once the cameras have been retrieved. This will provide a good idea of what game is in the area as well as help you track their movements.

They are very discreet and unlike a human presence they will normally go unnoticed so you can capture animals in their natural, wild environments without disturbing them. With this knowledge you will know the animals exact movements so you can set up appropriately to get your perfect camera shots or game trophy.

Underwater Fishing Camera & Gear

Marine cameras and fishing cameras are similar to trail cameras and have a range of uses. Whether you're a commercial fisherman or just a keen hobbyist, they allow for a great view of the depths.

For marine engineers or boat maintenance these cameras can aid in inspection of the underside of vessels and propellers without the need to bring them into dry-dock. The waterproof fish cams are attached to a length of cable and can be lowered over the side of a vessel to give a view of the depths that can be monitored on board via a full color monitor. With a typical depth of 20 meters, you can scope out your favorite fishing and dive sites or even discover new ones.
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