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Outdoors Gear and Sporting Goods

The latest outdoor gear so lets you strike gold with a metal detector, cruise on an electric skateboard and talk across miles with a walkie-talkie. You can increase your hunting odds with a game camera, fish finder or a night vision scope. Chinavasion has all the cool camping gear as well as dog training collar and bike lights. This makes us your one-stop shop for outdoor gear and gadgets.

Outdoor Gear and Gadgets

We have brought together a lineup of the best outdoor gear that you can find on the web. This cool camping gear and outdoor sporting goods will make your adventures more fun than ever.

Having the right gadgets with you will enhance your whole experience of any outdoor sports and activity. Barometers and Altimeters can be a hiker's best friend helping with navigation and predicting changes in the weather, so you don't get caught out in a storm. There are also plenty of gadgets for every outdoor past time from game hunters to treasure hunters and backcountry explorers.

Hunting Equipment - Fish Finder & Trail Camera Gadgets

Whether you are planning to go camping, fishing or hiking, it's always wise to prepare a list of outdoor gear that you need to take along. We don't sell jackets, tents and sleeping bags though because we are all about gadgets. But there are still plenty of cool camping gear and accessories. This includes camping lanterns, binoculars, and insect repellents. All these and more are available in our electronics store. This range outdoor gadgets will ensure you're prepared for any day out in the hills or backcountry. Avid hikers should check our electronic barometers and altimeters, which are also of great use to hunters and fishing.

With a state of the art game camera you will be able to track and watch the comings and goings of wild-game and wildlife. This type of game camera will arm you with the knowledge of where and when your quarry will be. So now you can enjoy a successful hunting trip every time. By placing the best trail camera in a strategic location before hunting season you will save hours of time and be able to target the animals you are after with considerable easy come shooting season.

Likewise a portable fish finder informs you where the fish are. So you know exactly where to sink your line for the best result. A good fish finder can be lowered over the edge of a boat or off the end of a pier or dock. Once in the water, they will give you an unparalleled view of what fish are in the area. Knowledgeable fishermen will then be able to load up with the correct bait and line to maximize their catch. In this way armatures and professionals alike will enjoy the most productive fishing sessions and learn more about the fish they are catching.

A pair of precision binoculars or a night vision monocular lets you view the area around you in greater detail, bringing the distant views into a clear vision. Whether you are stalking big game or out bird watching you'll get the best views without scaring off your targets.

Metal Detector for Treasure Hunting

If you are shopping for a state of the art metal detector or the best metal detector for the hobbyist treasure hunter you will find Chinavasion has them all. There are even water resistant metal detectors that let you search for metallic objects in shallow waters and muddy fields or marshland. Choose from our range of metal detectors that will help you locate pipes, underground cables, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Metal detectors have a range of uses, whether it is for treasure hunting, mineral prospecting, archaeological explorations, or the detecting of landmines and other weapons. Lucky hobbyist treasure hunters have found stashes of historical coins or hoards of gold worth millions. You could also find discarded and lost objects such as jewelry.

A metal detector is a useful electronic gadget for finding hidden objects made from metals. The sensor is a bit like an oscilloscope with a coil or two and a current passing through them. This creates a magnetic current that detects the presence of metallic metals. The sensor is handheld or on the end of a pole that can be swept across the ground or other objects. When the sensor passes close to a metallic object the detector registers this with an audible sound or a moving needle. The distance is usually indicated by the pitch of the sound or distance the needle moves.

Walkie Talkie

A walkie-talkie, particularly long range walkie talkies provide a means to communicate over many kilometers or miles. Often used by police and security personnel these communication devices are also a valuable gadget for outdoor enthusiasts. Sometimes called a handheld receiver or HT, walkie-talkies are a portable two-way radio receiver and transmitter.

How does a Walkie Talkie Work?

Developed in the second world war before the age of cell phones these gadgets resemble a telephone. They have a speaker and microphone built in and an antenna protruding from the top. They can be set or tuned to a number of frequencies and many walkie talkies can operate on the same radio channel. Although only one user can transmit a message at any one time. The walkie-talkie is usually in a receiver mode and to send a message the user typically presses a push to talk (PTT) button.

Most countries around the world allow the use of walkie-talkies. Thanks to the miniaturization of electronics you can now enjoy lightweight and compact walkie-talkies that operate over the UHF radio frequencies. This is usually between 400 and 480MHz. Nowadays even the best walkie talkie sets are very affordable. There are even kids walkie-talkie sets available today. The low price and compact size have led to a growing use of long-range walkie-talkie. This is particularly true for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, hikers, and mountaineers.

Many outdoor activities take us away from the relative safety of urban living. When we are out exploring nature and remote areas it is common to lack cellular network coverage. So whether you're stalking game in the woods, hiking along a track or fishing on a lake it is wise to have a walkie-talkie with you. Then you will always be able to communicate with those around you without having to shout to be heard in the backcountry.

Dog Training Collar and Pet Feeder

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience but owners should know that to have a happy pet you will need to invest into the relationship. To have a happy life a pet not only needs training but also food, water, exercise, and play. Sometimes this can cause a conflict with our busy lifestyles. This is where a new host of pet-related gadgets can help us out. A pet feeder can help by automatically feeding your pet at a set time. This is very useful if you are late home from work and Fido needs feeding. With a built-in microphone, camera, and speaker you can even check in on your pet and call them when it's food time. There are also plenty of pet toys that can help keep your furry friend entertained.

Obedience training is also an important aspect of raising any animal. This will help you keep them safe and also avoid them developing anxiety or destructive and aggressive behavior. Teaching skills to your pet will also enrich their life and bring both mental and physical benefits to them. Dog training collars are a safe and effective way to teach your K9 friend basic obedience commands. In fact, with a dog training collar, you can teach your four-legged friends almost anything.

How do shock collars for dogs work?

Shock collars for dogs have two blunt electrodes that make contact with the animal's neck when the collar is worn. These electrodes deliver a short electric shock. The duration and intensity of the shock are usually adjustable and applied via the use of a remote control. This allows the owner or trainer to apply the shock as a deterrent when negative or undesired behavior is exhibited.

Is it ok to use a shock collar?

A pet training collar is designed to deliver a mild discomfort in the animal and is not intended to harm your pet or cause any lasting damage. While reinforcement for good behavior is a favored training tool the use of a punishment as a deterrent can be helpful in the animal trainers toolbox. However, like any training tool the dog training collar will only work if used correctly. The shock must be clearly linked to the undesired behavior for the animal to make the association between the discomfort and the behavior. Constant use or misuse of the collar should be avoided as it's likely to induce anxiety and distress. Furthermore, when training a pet the owner or trainer should not only rely on the training collar. They should also use positive reinforcement by rewarding the animal with food, praise or play.

GPS tracker for pets

If you have a cat that likes to roam your neighborhood or a canine friend with a penchant for running off to explore then you should consider a GPS pet tracker. These compact gadgets attach to your pet's collar and can send out information about the whereabouts of your pet. Most of these devices use a prepaid SIM card and operate on the cell phone networks. By sending a message to the phone number of the SIM card you will receive an update with the exact location of the GPS collar and hence your pet. Many of these pet GPS trackers also let you set up a geofence area. so if your pet ventures from a pre-set area you will automatically be alerted. A valuable gadget that brings peace of mind to owners and helps keep your pets safe.

Ridables and electronic skateboard

Ridables such as electric skateboards, two-wheeled electric scooters, and electric unicycles have been all the rage. These battery-powered electric ridables are an environmentally friendly and fun way to get around. They are great for traveling to school, going out to meet friends or livening up the morning commute to the office. Capable of covering short to medium distances they will turn a chore into real fun. Letting you zip past traffic jams and enjoy effortless green transportation.

Bike lights and gadgets

Bike lights are a prerequisite if you are out riding at night. Not only do they help you see where you're going but will also make you visible to other road users. With LED bike lights you can enjoy powerful illumination in a compact package. LED bike lights aren't just for lighting up the road ahead, they can also be lots of fun. With wheel lights, you can program messages or colorful patterns to display as you ride. You can also have multicolored pulsing lights that will beautify your bike come sundown. a Great way to show off your wheels as you ride.

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