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Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer

Average Customer Rating:  based on 9 reviewsprice range: 115.44 - 110.1
Product code: CVDQ-M43
Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer
Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer
Avg Customer Rating:
Quad Band 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Flip-Phone with Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer. We're proud to bring you this elegant dual SIM, quad band flip-phone with TV and accelerometer that has all the premium features you would expect from a deluxe cellphone and much more. A wonderful new mobile phone for work. play or any part of your interesting life.

First of all, this is an unlocked world phone with quad band functionality meaning that it operates in any of the following four GSM frequency bands:
  1. 850 MHz (U.S./Canada/Latin America/Brazil*)
  2. 900 MHz (Africa/Europe/Brazil/Australia/Asia)
  3. 1800 MHz (Africa/Europe/Brazil/Australia/Asia)
  4. 1900 MHz (U.S./Canada/Latin America/Brazil*)
    (Source: Wikipedia)

Second, this a Dual SIM mobile phone meaning that you can insert two SIM cards into this phone. The benefit to you is that you can make and receive cell phone calls from either one of the two different cellphone numbers associated with the SIM cards. This is very convenient for business travelers whose frequent travel takes them from one country to another. Why carry two phones, when one will do - especially one that looks and feels as good as this one.

Beautifully designed and purposefully constructed, this elegant quad band, dual SIM, flip-phone with TV and accelerometer comes with a vibrant 2.8 inch touchscreen. Allow us to repeat that just in case you missed it: this world phone has a touch screen! Launch programs or choose menu items by using either the keypad or the wonderfully responsive touchscreen. The choice is yours. Next, let your eyes take in the polished black exterior and elegant metal textured cover. Flip the touchscreen and lay it down. There, you've just transformed this clam shell design flip cellphone into an iPhone-like tablet phone. How cool is that?

What about features you ask? We're especially proud of this phone's feature lineup which brings together everything you need and want in a great cellphone. This wonder-phone comes with a digital camera, video recorder, video player, audio player and receives analog TV and FM signals making it an excellent media station. Flick your wrist and the accelerometer motion sensor lets you change your wallpaper, switch mp3's, and even read the next SMS message.

Load some movies and songs into the phone by USB cable or microSD and suddenly you have a party on your hands. WQVGA resolution and stereo speakers will ensure that your media looks and sounds its best. If you love features and great looking cellphones as much as we do, you're sure to be satisfied with the CVDQ-M43.

This amazing cellphone is sure to sell out quick so buy one for yourself right away and then let your online customers in on the secret too. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale direct from China electronics - Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

  • Dual-SIM
  • GSM Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Unlocked
  • Accelerometer
  • TV, Digital Camera, Video Recorder

NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. This can be used throughout the world.

GSM Frequency Information

This Cell Phone works with the following GSM Frequencies:

850 + 900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz

Please check that the local cell network matches the phone's GSM standard.

Click here to view frequencies for all major worldwide cell phone networks.


China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Main Function: Unlocked Dual SIM, Quad Band Cellphone
  • Additional Functions: Accelerometer, Video Recorder, Digital Camera, Video Player, Audio Player, Image Viewer, Analog TV, FM Radio, Radio Record, Sound Recorder, Calendar, To Do List, Alarm, Calculator, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, World Clock, E-book Reader
  • GSM Compatibility (Quad Band): Frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
  • Screen: 2.8 Inch LCD
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Color: Polished Black with Textured Metallic Cover
  • Bluetooth Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, SPP, DUN, OPP, FTP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Bluetooth Type: MTKBTDEVICE
  • SIM Card Slot: YES - 2
  • SIM Card Modes: Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 Open, Only SIM2 Open
  • External Memory: microSD card (max 16 GB)
  • Mobile Internet: Yes - WAP (if supported by your data plan)
  • Security Settings: Phone lock, Auto Keypad Lock, Change Password
  • Accelerometer Settings: Wallpaper Switch, Song Switch, TV Rotate, Video Rotate, Image Rotate
  • Languages (10): English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Germany, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Persian
  • Battery Charge Time approx: 2 hours
  • Playing Time (music) approx: 6-8 hours
  • Playing Time (video) approx: 3-4 hours
  • Standby Time approx: 48-96 hours (depending on use)
  • File Formats:
    - Music: MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV, AAC
    - Image: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
    - Video: 3GP, AVI
  • Digital Still Camera:
    - Capture Format: JPG
    - Resolution: 640x480, 320x240, 160x120, 80x60
    - Image Quality: High, Normal, Low
    - Digital Zoom: x3
    - Picture Settings:
    - Timer: 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, OFF
    - Continuous Shot: 1 shot, 3 shots, 5 shots, OFF
    - Scene Modes: Auto, Night
    - Color Effects: Normal, Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia green, Sepia blue, color invert
    - White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Cloud, Incandescence
    - EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
    - Banding: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Video Recorder:
    - Video Record Format: AVI
    - Video quality: Normal, Low, High
    - Digital Zoom x3
    - White balance: Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Cloud, Incandescence
    - Night Mode
    - Color Effects Normal, Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia Green, Sepia Blue, Color Invert
    - EV: 8 Steps (+4 to -4)
  • TV:
    - Type: Analog
    - Preset TV Region Profiles (33): China, Shenzhen China, Hong Kong China, UK, South Africa, Chinese Taiwan, Mexico, Philippines, Korea, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Western Europe, Turkey, UAE, Afghanistan, Singapore, Thai, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain
  • Audio Player:
    - Formats: MP3, WAV
    - Functions: Playlist Auto Generate, Repeat, Shuffle, Background Play, Spectrum Display
  • Video Player:
    - Formats: 3GP, AVI
    - Functions: Screen Display, Rotation
  • Sound Recorder:
    - Type: Analog
    - Record Format: AMR, AWB, WAV
    - Quality: Low, High
    - Source: records from MIC and live phone calls
  • FM Radio:
    - Frequency: 87.5MHz to 108MHz (worldwide)
    - Background Play: ON, OFF
    - Loudspeaker: ON, OFF
    - Record Function: YES
    - Record Format: AMR, AWB, WAV
    - Record Audio Quality: Low, High
  • Certification: CE, FCC, CCC
  • Dimensions (cover closed): 107 (L) x 50 (W) x 16 (H) (mm)
  • Manufacturer Ref: R5K5KRO1XGGJ

Product Notes

  • *850 MHz - Only the carrier Vivo in the south and south-east of Brazil, 1900 MHz - Only the carrier Vivo in the north, north-east and centre-west of Brazil (as per Wikipedia, "Quad Band")
  • Unlike the iPhone, this phone is fully unlocked; it can be used with any carrier, network and SIM card(s) of your choice
  • Pre-loaded PDA software tools; To-Do List, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Calendar
  • Excellent multimedia functionality, including video player, audio player and analog TV
  • This phone records phone conversations too!
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Camera resolution 640x480 = 0.3 Megapixels (MP)
  • If you plan to resell this item in your own country, the most common category names for this product are - mobilni telefon, móvil, telefono celular, telefono movil, telefonía móvil, teléfono celular, купить мобильный телефон, Китай мобильные телефоны, Kína handy, κινητό, cотовый телефон, mobitel, mobiloddal, mobiltelefont, téléphone mobile, teléfono móvil, telefone móvel

Package Contents

  • Model CVDQ-M43 Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer
  • 2x Li-ion 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 256MB MicroSD card
  • USB to mini-USB cable
  • Travel Charger (100-240V 50/60Hz)
  • Wired earphones with MIC and clip
  • User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this phone like the iPhone?
    No, this phone is better than the iPhone! Unlike the iPhone, the M43 comes fully unlocked and ready for use with any network or carrier straight out of the box. You do not need to use any firmware hacks and risk "bricking" the phone. The M43 also has dual SIM and video recording functionality (unlike the iPhone) and doesn't require a firmware update to send/receive MMS messages.
  • Is this phone like the Chinese HiPhone, APhone, SciPhone and or Chinese touchscreen phones?
    No, this is better than all of them. Unlike with other Chinese touchscreen phones, the M43 comes with a full 12-month warranty from Chinavasion along with a professional in-house customer support service. You can also be secure in the knowledge that your M43 has gone through rigorous QC testing before it is shipped direct to you.
  • This phone has an accelerometer, what exactly is that?
    This is a built-in motion sensor that tracks when the electronic device has been tilted or swiveled. It is a feature most commonly used to change images in a photo viewer or to change tracks in an audio player.
  • How many phone book contacts can this cellphone hold?
    This phone can up to 600 contacts. 200 contacts for each of the two SIM cards, and another 200 in the phone memory itself.
  • How long should I charge the battery before first use?
    Before you use the battery for the first time, please charge it for 12 hours.
  • Can I change the ringtone on this cellphone?
    This phone comes with 10 default ring tones featuring famous songs like the Theme from Mission Impossible and The Pachelbel Canon. Or you can easily use your own music track as a ring tone. Better yet, use the sound recorder function to record your own voice and use that as your ringtone.
  • What is the purpose of the rotating touchscreen?
    A rotating touchscreen is convenient if you want to take pictures of yourself and by twisting and laying it flat, you can transform this unit into a iPhone-type mobile phone.
  • It says this cellphone comes in polished black. What does that mean?
    To get a sense of polished black think about a black grand piano and how the wood finish looks like. That's polished black.
  • How do I record phone conversations with this phone?
    While you are in conversation, the menu will display a record option. Once you're done recording, simply activate the sound recorder program and play the file you just recorded.
  • Should I load MP3's or WAV music files into my phone to listen to?
    It's a trade off really. With MP3's, you get lower audio quality, but because of its small file size you can fit more into memory. With WAV files, you get CD quality music, but on average, one WAV file is equivalent in size to ten MP3 files.

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Customer Reviews(9)

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Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer
Deliverystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
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The touchscreen is better than most phones out there and it's more stylish than the pictures show.

Brriliant Phone

Absolutely amazing ..... Much better than it looks in the pictures on site. Receiving many compliments from others. I ordered 3 other phones for my friends will be updating with their reviews as well.
Would have been nice if this phone had more mega pixels camera (at least 3mega pixels) But for this price who'll complain

great phone

i bought this phone out of impulse which is something i rarely do. i bought this phone on Tuesday got it Friday(super fast). open the box and everything you see in the picture comes in the box. the phone is really cool the top half is the touch screen works great the whole phone works great feels good in your hand and doesnt feel cheap, reception was good used it with att had no problems. camera quality is good , radio works, speakers are loud like really loud the phone is slim and really nice to look at too. the reason i am giving it 4 stars is that my only problem with the phone is that there is no external controls on the outside of the phone. no quick way of getting to the volume or camera you have to open it and get into the menus to do so. the other thing i didn't like was how big the phone is when you open it. its long when held next to your face it extends more than i would like. beyond that the phone is great it does everything that it says in the description TV works great to i was watching the home shopping network on it and it look good.


Very cool phone, large touch screen lcd display u can play music videos and mp3, when you flip it has nice light blue key pad option.

Very good mobile phone

GERAS telefonas, verta pirkti

Date Launched: Jun 20 2009
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