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Alertron - Cellphone Anti-Theft Anti-Loss Device

Product code: CVSB-J63
Cellphone Accessory
Cellphone Accessory
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Welcome to the future. Nearly everyone in the world has a cellphone now, and many people carry around more than one. While mobile phones are now able to offer more and more functionality, some fundamental problems remain that no one has been able to solve.

  • How do I prevent my cellphone from being stolen?
  • I'm late for work and I can't find my mobile phone. Where the hell is it?
Until now.

Alertron is a must-have security device for anyone with an expensive cellphone or smart phone.

Here's how it works: Power it on. Insert a sharp object like the tip of a paperclip into the pairing hole. (You only have to do this once and thereafter Alertron will re-establish its Bluetooth connection with your phone should either be powered off). From your cellphone search devices and locate Alertron. Initiate pairing. By the way the password is 0000. Once paired, if Alertron and your cellphone stay within 5 meters of each other...nothing happens. But should they become separated, Alertron will start to vibrate and then emit a disturbing high pitch alarm! Bring them together again, the vibration and alarm stops. Separate them, the vibration and alarm starts up.

Cool huh?

Here's how to use it:

  • As An Anti-theft device, keep Alertron on your keychain and paired with your expensive smartphone. Then go on with your life. We hope this doesn't happen, but should one day you feel the Alertron vibration and hear that awful alarm, quickly look around you. The thief should be within 5 meters you. Then shout STOP THIEF! SOMEONE STOP THAT PERSON, THEY STOLE MY CELLPHONE. People who are innocent will stay still and inquire about your well-being. The running man on the other hand...
  • As a Anti-loss device, Alertron is also very handy. First off, you'll never misplace your phone because if Alertron and your cellphone are separated then the alarm will sound. So if you know where your Alertron is, then your phone is within a 5 meter radius. But what if I can't find my Alertron either? In that case, here's a suggestion for all your lifehackers out there (Hi Gina and Adam, great site by the way!). Permanently keep Alertron on a hook by your front door. When you get home, you'll be tempted to kick off your shoes, grab a beer, then go watch some TV to relax after a long day. As soon as you're more than 5 meters away, Alertron will sound the alarm, forcing you to bring your phone nearer. And that's where it will stay so you'll always know where your mobile phone is.

Though Alertron doesn't need special software to operate, it does come with settings customizing software for most Java, Symbian, and Windows Mobile phones which allows you to increase the alarm proximity distance to 15 meters.

It's the perfect device for work since like most of us you probably just leave your cellphone lying around despite strangers coming and going all the time, or it's perfect for bars and clubs where relaxing often includes setting your things down and getting a little crazy, So what are you waiting for? Click add to cart and in a few days your phone will be a lot safer and you'll waste less time looking for your phone. Brought to you by the online consumer electronics wholesale leaders Chinavasion.

At a Glance...
  • Alerts you if your mobile phone is being stolen
  • Save you time looking for your cellphone
  • Small and compact
  • Very loud alarm
  • Pairing uses very little cellphone battery power


Manufacturer Specifications
  • Primary Function: Cellphone anti-theft, anti-loss device
  • Power: AAA battery x 1 (not included)
  • Working Hours: ~ 150 hours
  • Transmit Power: 2.5mW
  • Sound Power: >85dB
  • Protocol: Bluetooth V2.0
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Anti-lost distance >=5 meters
  • Dimensions: 55 × 32 × 15 mm (H W D)
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Manufacturer Ref: MW32F54BNV11

Product Notes
  • In theory this product should work with any cellphone that has Bluetooth. As for actual testing, we're paired and successfully installed the customizing software on the following mobile phone brands and models.
  • Nokia - 3250 5700Xm 6124C 6710N 6122C E65 E73 N78 N93 5500 5710Xm 6210S 6720C E52 E66 E75 N79 N93I 6290 5730Xm 6210Si 6730C E55 E70 E90 N80 N95 6650 6110N 6214C 6788I E60 E71 Mako N81 N96 6788 6120C 6220C C5 E61 E71I N71 N82 X5-00 6790 6120C 6700S C5-01 E61I E71X N73 N85 X5-01 5320Di Xm 6120C Ie 6700S E5 E62 E72 N75 N86 5320Xm 6120Ci 6700S E50 E63 E72I N76 N91 5630Xm 6121C 6702S E51 E65 E72N N77 N92 3230 5232 5250 7610 5800I C5-02 N70 X6M 5228 5235 5530 5230 Nuron 5800W C5-03 N72 X6 5230 5236 6260 5530Xm 5802Xm C4 N90 Saga 5900Xm 5238 6681 5800I 5800Xm C6 N97
  • Motorola - Q Sage A4500 Fr6000 Mc5574 A3300C A3100 A3000 Mc3504 Q8 Q9 Es400S Q Global Mc5590 Fr68 Mc75 Eda Q11 Mpx200 Mpx Z10 A1200 A1600 Blaze E6 E680G Em35 Jewel Sawgrass V8 Ve66 A1200E A445 E11 E680 E680I Heron Razr2 Z9 U9 Ve1 Z6 A1208 A455 E30 Zn5 E8 Ironman Rokr E2 V8 Ve20 Z6W A1210 A780 E10 Mt710 Mt716 Mt720 Mt810 Mt820 Rizr Z8 Z8M
  • Samsung - I718 I608 I788 M4650 I900 B7300C I220 Pivot I8180C M8400 I718+ I617 I325 Propel Pro I908E I907 I740 I8000 B6520 I600 I780 Sc-01B Sgh-I760 B7300 I200 Jack B7610 B7620 I920 I300 I688 Blackjack Ii B7320 I908 931Sc C6620 I8000U B7620U B5620 Sch-B570 I728 I620 I770 I908L B7330 I350 B7350 I225 X01Sc I917 I8700 I916 Sgh-I308 B5210U G818E I458 I550W I568 I7110 I8510 I8510C L870 L878E G810 I408 I520 Sgh-I570 I8330 H2 I8350 I859 I8910 I8910 Hd I8910U I8920 Sch-I519 S5250 Wave525 S5330 S5530 S5620 S5750E S7230E S7320E S8530 W960 Wave F859 Wave S8500
  • HTC - HD2 Touch Pro2 P6950 X7510 S740 838 P800W S510 Firestone Maple T9199 Touch Diamond Xv6975 Touch 3G P3600I P3470 Leo-S Touch Cruise Fuze S630 Hd Mini Touch Hd D900 S521 T4242 Max 4G Photon S730 7950 P7950 Touch Pro2 Xv6850 Vx6800 S1+ S6800 6750 Diamond3 Dash 3G P3300 Iolite T9188 Touch Pro T3320 Viva T2223 Touch Pro3 Tilt2 Shadow C730W Willow T3333 Htc P4550 Xv6900 U1000 Touch Dual P3651 Ozone Thoth Opal Pb81120 Touch Diamond2 HD7 Pd67100 7 Mozart 7 Trophy(T8788) 7 Pro Hdd Schubert Gold Spark Mondrian Pc40100 Pb92100 Pc40200
  • Blackberry - 8100 9000 9300 9530 9650 9780 9900 8980 Atlas 9700a Pearl 3G(9100) 8900 9105 9500 9550 9670 9800 9930 9650x Apollo Storm 3 8910 9220 9520 9570 Kickstart
  • Sony Ericcson - X902 X1 M1I Aspen 2 X9 X2 Mini X2I One X7 Mini Nanami Julie 2003And Phone7 P1C M608C W960I W950I K830I G702 P5I P220 Kokura Satio U1I(Staio) U5I(Vivaz) U8I Vivaz Pro G700C G700C G902 P5 P990I W958C A8I
  • Lenovo - Et880 Et660 Et860 Et60 Et700 Et10 Et60C Et60C Et700 T880 Et980 Et600-E Et600 Et180 Et960 O1
  • LG - Gm750 Ct810 Gt500S Gm730E Gw825V Expo(Gw820) Lu2100 Su210 Hq Ku2100 Kt878 Gt810H Ks200 Gw600 Hf3 Gw610 Wp7 2 C900 (Optimus 7Q) E900 Gw910 Vs750 Gw990 Gw880 Gd888
  • Sharp - Sh80Iuc Sh81Iuc W-Zero Ws020Sh Sh802Uc

Frequently Asked Questions
  • This is a great idea, but my only concern is cellphone battery usage. If I always keep my Bluetooth on, won't that use up a lot of my battery?
    Not at all. Bluetooth usage such as transferring files or listening to streaming music does indeed use up a lot of mobile phone battery power. Staying paired to Alertron does not. Furthermore, Alertron works by constantly monitoring whether it is still paired with your cellphone. This is an internal process which does not add any additional workload to your cellphone battery.

  • Comparing Products? Search Chinavasion For Alternative: CVQD-G220 (Key Finder (Transmitter and Receiver Kit))
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    Alertron - Cellphone Anti-Theft Anti-Loss Device
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    Date Launched: Jan 28 2011
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