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GPS Tracker with SMS Message

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Product code: CVSAP-3800
GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker
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SMS Message GPS Tracker - with this handy little device you'll be able to track and object or yourself from a remote location using ordinary GSM SMS messages.

The small lightweight device houses a SIM card and battery, and is able to be used anywhere you have GSM and GPS coverage. During a quick and painless setup process you'll be able to set the time of tracking refreshes as well as the remote phone the device will keep in contact with. After setup it's as simple as "asking" the GPS device to start tracking or just for a single location result, you can even use contact the tracker with voice and whoever has the tracker can reply using the built in microphone. The SMS given to you from the tracker shows location, speed and the date with time.

Suitable uses include asset protection, plotting routes and keeping track of children. A very unique product that is sure to do well in your drop shipping e-store or retail shop, secure your sample today and get tracking tomorrow! At a Glance...
  • GPS Tracker
  • SMS text message tracking
  • Small and compact for hiding or low profile installations
  • Good for "asset protection" and similar tracking needs

NOTE: This GSM product is compatible with the two frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz. It can be used in the EU and similar dual band regions. It will not work in North America.

GSM Frequency Information

This Cell Phone works with the following GSM Frequencies:

900 + 1800 MHz

Please check that the local cell network matches the phone's GSM standard.

Click here to view your regions cell phone network.

This product will be shipped from separate warehouse by express courier or standard air mail according to your checkout choices; actual courier company may vary from main order products due to different warehouse origin. Please confirm with customer support if you received part of the order and are still waiting for the other.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Main Function: GPS Tracker
  • GSM: Dual Band 900MHz, 1800MHz
  • GPS Sensitivity: 159dB
  • GPS Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
  • GPS Positional Accuracy: 5m-25m
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0.1m/s
  • Velocity Limit: 515 m/s (1000knots)
  • Altitude Limit: 18000 Meters (60,000 Feet)
  • Typical Battery Life: >40hrs
  • Start Up Times (Acquisition)
    - Hot Start: 1 Sec (avg)
    - Warm Start: 38 Sec (avg)
  • Power Source: 3.7V 800mAh Li Ion Battery (USB Recharging)
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 45mm x 23mm (L x W x D)
  • Manufacturer Ref: JW6P972BRL5Q

Product Notes

  • The key on the unit can be held down for 3 seconds to emergency call to the remote phone, or 6 seconds to send SMS location message.
  • Updates via sent text message
  • LEDs to Indicate Status
  • Easily Enter Coordinates into Google Earth for Visual Indication of Location.
  • Note: This item sends SMS messages though a GSM cellular network. Your SIM card must you install in this product must be a working SIM card (an active account).
  • If you plan to resell this item in your own country, the most common category names for this product are - GPS-Gadget, Gadgets GPS, Gadget GPS, Συσκευές GPS, GPS гаджеты,Elektronika GPS Modulok, Modul GPS

Package Contents

  • Model CVSAP-3800 GPS Tracker
  • Manual
  • Battery
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter (100-240V)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have tried everything and I cannot get the GPS Tracker to send me a SMS message, what is wrong? You likely have one of two problems - First, does the SIM card have a balance or is it part of an active account? Make sure the SIM card works. Second, does the SIM card you inserted have a PIN code or security passcode? You cannot use a SIM card with a security passcode inside the GPS tracker.


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GPS Tracker with SMS Message
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for product

this is good really good product

A very tidy well priced gps tracking solution!

Device sends an sms message to requesting phone. Requests are via sms with password or via one of the sos phone numbers (you have set on the device) ringing the device 3-9 rings and hangup. 10 Rings should enable you to listen-in to the device (two way communication). The device simply flashes when your sos phone number calls in. Call out to your sos numbers by holding the device's sos button for 3 seconds and release (gps sms is sent and call placed), holding for 6 seconds and release to simply send sms. All commands are sent via sms to the device. You can request the device send regular location texts (eg update every minute etc) or simply request on demand. The device supports GPRS and could be set up to update a website directly (requires internet service with your network provider).

Output sms example...

Format is...

If you set a phone or pc/phone to parse your sms messages you could automatically display your location on a map, the above information on google maps would look like this...


Hope that helps... this device is a really well priced gps tracking solution

Date Launched: Jul 22 2008
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