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Radio Control Amphibious Transformer Toy RC Tank (220V)

Product code: CVGN-T12-220V
Radio Control Amphibious Transformer Toy RC
Radio Control Amphibious Transformer Toy RC
Radio Control Amphibious Transformer Toy RC Tank for kids of all ages!

Watch your child's eyes light up when you give them this great land and water thundering RC tank. The remote control gives you dual thumb control for true 8-directional movement as well as access to two special tactical buttons. The left one transforms the land tank to a water battleship in an instant by retracting those fat studded tires, but be careful with that right button though. Press it and you'll launch a world of hurt on your enemies - volley after volley of hard tiny pellets!

Of course you don't have to give the CVGN-T12 RC tank away. You could always buy it and keep it for yourself because this RC tank comes with four surface compartments which were originally designed to carry army personnel, but...

also makes it the perfect beer fetching robot. Here's how it works. You're watching the Redskins play the Dolphins. You're out of beer. You yell over to the kitchen, "hey Honey, grab me a beer will ya!" She shouts back, "I'm on the phone, get it yourself!" All you have to do is remote control this RC tank over to the kitchen so she can fill up all four compartments with your favorite nector beverage. Then you just remote control drive it back for some sudsy refreshment and the rest of the game.

Don't delay, click "add to cart" right away for the child in your life or the child inside you. Either way, you're getting a great RC toy at an even greater price from the leader in online wholesale electronics - Chinavasion!

At a Glance...

  • Drives on land, navigates through water
  • Shoots pellets
  • Precision movement control
  • Quick stopping action
  • Transports BEER!


Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: Deluxe RC Amphibious Tank

  • RC Tank
  • Materials: Hard molded rugged plastic body, fat studded rubber tires
  • Certification: CE
  • Battery Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Infrared Frequency Range: 15-20 meters
  • Power: 7.2V, 700mAh rechargeable nickel cadmium battery (included)
  • ON/OFF Switch: YES
  • Dimensions: L: 240 H: 195 W: 155 (mm)

  • Remote-
  • Control Channels: 1
  • Driving Controls: forward/backward, left/right, 2 action buttons
  • Power: 9v battery
  • ON/OFF Switch: YES
  • Antennae length: 670mm
  • Manufacturer Ref: CYLXFUI64BPB
  • Catalog Ref: RC Toy, Tank, Battleship

Product Notes

  • Great care should be taken when firing the pellets. They can cause serious harm to body or objects because of the tremendous velocity which the projectiles are launched.
  • Not suitable for children under 9 years of age
  • Operation by children should only be done under adult supervision
  • Fully charge the battery for 4 hours before first use
  • Practice driving in a completely open and safe area until you are familiar with the controls
  • Want to know how to extend your products battery life? Check this out - Information On Keeping Your Rechargeable Batteries In Top Shape
  • Important note regarding product batteries - Notes Regarding Battery Life
  • Tough studded tires
  • Extra long remote sensing with tank flag antenna

Package Contents

  • Model CVGN-T12-220V RC Toy Tank
  • Remote Controller
  • Remote Antenna
  • Power Charger for battery (220-240V 50/60Hz)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this RC tank be used outdoors?
    YES. It loves the outdoors.
  • Can it be used outdoors after it has rained?
    YES. It is an amphibious vehicle and has an underside which protects it from water. It should NOT however be used while it is raining, or else water could get into the battery housing on the top of the tank and ruin the inner circuitry.
  • Does the antenna of the RC remote have to be fully extended to get the most out of operating range?
    Yes, though you can adjust the antenna to suit how you want to operate the RC vehicle since there is not always a need to fully extend the antenna.
  • What type of beer can this tank carry?
    Well, all beers really, but it loves real beer, from GERMANY!

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Carton Information For This Product:

Model number: CVGN-T12-220V
Pieces per carton: 12
Carton dimensions (cm): L:81 x W:43 x H:74
Carton actual weight (kg): 27.57


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Radio Control Amphibious Transformer Toy RC Tank (220V)
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Date Launched: Nov 16 2009
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