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Import from China Mini-Course - Part 2 Contents

What's Coming Up In The Next Part?

These are the sections of the Import from China Mini-Course that are coming your way soon:


Part 2: How to find products and suppliers in China.


  • Why you should consider visiting China to find suppliers.

  • A list of top China trade fairs you can go to.

  • How to make sure you're dealing with the right people!


Part 3: Tips on dealing with Chinese Suppliers


  • Learn about key culture differences in Chinese business.

  • Get tips on how to get answers from Chinese companies.

  • Use my list of the key questions you need to ask before you send any money.


Part 4: Shipping and Import Taxes


  • Choosing the best shipping method for different goods.

  • The taxes you don't need to worry about-- and the ones you do!

  • Tips on reducing your import tax bill. - How to deliver goods from China to your country.


Part 5: Profiting from your China Connection


  • Drop-shipping-- how not to fail!

  • The top misconceptions people have about doing business with Chinese.

  • Tips on finding niche products.


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