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Import from China Mini-Course - Part 1 - Section 5

"Can You Ignore The China Opportunity?"

Here's what I'd like you to take away and think about today:


  • Importing from China is a MUST if you want to stay competitive in your current line of business, or develop your new money-making business. Even if you think your products are too specialist, or you already have good import sources elsewhere, you can't afford not to research the possibilities in China.

  • Importing from China is NOT as difficult as you believe. China is a very open, modern country, and businesses there are waiting to talk business with you.

  • HOWEVER importing (from anywhere) is a complex and often risky business if you don't know what you're doing. You need to spend a lot of time researching at home, so you know your own market-- before you even begin talking to people in China.

  • AND China is very different in culture, language, mindset, business, history, and economy to what you know in your home country. So there is a lot to learn if you want long-term success.

  • Research and learning about China will help you succeed. Even more useful is time spent researching specific companies and getting to know real people.

  • Keep an open mind about different products-- maybe even product areas you don't know much about yet. There are a lot of untapped opportunities here in China.


Import from China Mini-Course-- Part 1: Your Internet Research Resources


  1. Internet discussions and advice: Experts' answers about general "Exporting and Importing”-- with some topics about China specifically (From About.com) Click here to read some key points

  2. Internet discussions and advice: answers to questions about "Importing from China” (From Google Answers) Click here to read some key points

  3. "China, Inc”-- a fascinating book about China's growing importance in business and the world as a whole.

    (By Ted Fishman) Click here to read some reviews


Note from Rose Li

Thank you very much for reading this first part of the Chinavasion Import from China Mini-Course. I hope you've got some useful ideas today - and some motivation to get moving in your China business direction!

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