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Chinavasion Youtube Giveaway

Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway - Coming Soon!
Winner: Stay Tuned!
Period: 2016/04/01 to 2016/04/30
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway - Chuwi Hi10 Plus Dual OS licensed win10 and Android 5.1 Tablet PC
Winner: You still have a chance
Period: 2017/03/01 to 2017/03/31
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway - NO.1 M3 Rugged Smartphone | Unboxing
Winner: Stay Tuned!
Period: 2016/01/15 to 2016/02/28
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway - Free Smartphone, UMi Z with Helio CPU + 4G | Unboxing Review!
Winner: Ednildo Macena
Period: 2017/01/01 to 2017/01/30
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway - Blackview R6 Unboxing Review!
Winner: Cristina Dragomir
Period: 2016/12/01 to 2016/12/31
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway - Special Windows 10 OS 87 Keys Keyboard PC !
Winner: Emily Conway
Period: 2016/11/15 to 2016/11/30
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway – Bluboo Maya Android 6.0 Smartphone Now!
Winner: Igor Strelnikov
Period: 2016/10/01 to 2016/10/28
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway – Yotaphone 2, One phone, Two Displays Free in Chinavasion Now !
Winner: Angelo C
Period: 2016/09/01 to 2016/09/15
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway – Win KenXinDa W8 Rugged Phone
Winner: JaySunico Productions
Period: 2016/08/01 to 2016/08/30
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway – Top 5 Android Smart Watches in Chinavasion!
Winner: Victor V. Tran
Period: 2016/07/01 to 2016/07/30
Keyboard PC
Title: Giveaway – Get Free Dual OS 10.1 inch Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Tablet PC!
Winner: Aleksandr Chernyy
Period: 2016/06/01 to 2016/06/30
Keyboard PC
Title: THL T7 Smartphone - 5.5, Android 5.1, 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 4G
Winner: ReYaN KiNng
Period: 2016/05/01 to 2016/05/30


Chinavasion Blog Giveaway

Keyboard PC
Title: Blog Giveaway – UMi Diamond Smartphone is Free Now!
Winner: Audrey Stewart
Period: 2016/11/01 to 2016/11/15
Keyboard PC
Title: Blog Giveaway – The Newest UMi Flagship Smartphone
Winner: Dmitriy
Period: 2016/10/01 to 2016/10/15
Keyboard PC
Title: Blog Giveaway – UMi MAX Smartphone Giveaway in Chinavasion Blog Now!
Winner: Oluwole Taiwo
Period: 2016/09/01 to 2016/09/30
Keyboard PC
Title: Blog Giveaway – Free Full HD Dual Car DVR in Chinavasion Blog
Winner: Voinea C.
Period: 2016/08/01 to 2016/08/30


Chinavasion Facebook Giveaway

Every month, Chinavasion holds Giveaway in Facebook. You can have a chance to win a cool gadget. Check out Chinavasion Facebookto find out who were the lucky winners of our previous Youtube and Blog Giveaways. Stay tuned for more amazing Chinavasion giveaways and who knows; maybe you'll join our list and win one of our cool electronic gadgets!
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