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Extreme Sports Camera - All Metal Hercules Edition

Extreme Sports Camera - All Metal Hercules Edition
Deliverystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Value for Moneystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Packagingstarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Ease of Setup/Usestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Function/Performancestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
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by Marco Galeotti
on 2011-03-13 02:46:31
5 star ratingOttimo prodotto, spedizione velocissima-Excellent product, fast shipping

Great product for a small price. Video 720x480 .avi format. Supports up to 16 gb sd. and registration is a continuous cycle. The audio is a little dark but it is acceptable. The shipment was fast and deliver the same (three days!).Tanks Chinavision!!

by Maksim Dubinskiy
on 2010-11-29 23:18:33
5 star ratingХороший выбор

Купил себе 3 камеры.
Для экстримального катания и так просто как видео регистратор в машину.
Буду тестировать позже отпишусь.

by Daniel Soriano
on 2010-11-24 16:22:03
5 star ratingGreat little gadget

It's even smaller than I expected, which is great, and the metal gives a nice quality feeling. Some people say it records at 640x480, but mine does at 720x480, just like the specs in the website. Newer firmware maybe? It comes with all the listed accessories in such a small box, is just amazing. The only problem I have so far is with the strip to attach it to the head/helmet, since I'm not able to slide the camera between the stripe, the holes are way too small.... Video quality is as good as my smartphone, that means, just enough, but it can become a bit blurry if there's too much shakng. In overall is an excellent product, I'll try to figure out how to use the stripe and then will be perfect

by Yaroslav Medvedev
on 2010-10-30 19:50:54
4 star ratingok

Video quality is good.

by brian cox
on 2010-10-12 03:05:23
5 star ratingGreat

I have had this unit now for several months. I work outside, climbing telephone poles and such. I have been using this cam as a way of showing the bosses some of the problems the techs run into out in the field. It works great and has never let me down. Very rugged and the video is very surprising for such a small unit. I also mount it in my company vehicle's front windshield so if an accident happens I can prove it wasn't my fault. Looks like a metal flashlight so you can probably get away with recording a cop mistreating you should you get pulled over by a jerk. And he would never know you busted him. So many things you could do with this unit. Just plain awesome, and can't find a thing to say bad about it!!!!!

by Heikki Linnovaara
on 2010-08-31 04:04:29
4 star ratinghello

Good video picture quality,

by Pedro Faria
on 2010-08-24 02:49:05
5 star ratingVery satisfied new customer

I recomend buying from Chinavision, this was my first time doing business with them and it all went well. My order was sent by ups the next day and was delivered 3 days later in Portugal!

The camera is even smaller than i thought, very pratical and comes with all the mounting assembly in one small box. It works great and it is very easy to work with. In low light (in a very cloudy day) the image seems a little noise but its expected to do so.

by Josue Gonzalez Fernandez
on 2010-06-09 21:24:02
5 star ratingVery good

Very good. Acceptable quality image, and 3 hours (more or less) of recording.

by AWA
on 2010-05-11 03:11:58
5 star ratingFantastic Camera

The Extreme Sports Camera - All Metal Hercules Edition is a fantastic little video camera with remarkable quality for the price. I fully support all of the five star ratings.

by Leonard
on 2010-05-03 04:03:24
5 star ratingPretty camera

It is small like a small flashlight, it has a sturdy aluminium casing, it is easy to operate. it takes 8Gb cards, writes files of 2Gb (max) but continues automatically with a new file once it exceeds this 2Gb limitation (well done).
Good 640x480 quality, sharp image. It has an infrared filter built in (usually with these kinds of ccd's, but still worth mentioning). I tested amount of time it can record and got nearly 2 hours of continued filming. For this price (plus all the mounting accesoires you get) this is a brilliant product!

by Samir Berisa
on 2010-04-27 01:10:50
5 star ratingPerfect for hunting

I like it very much, i bought it in good price.

by Baz K
on 2010-04-25 18:45:33
5 star ratingExcellent product

Well I bought thsi a few weeks ago for by bike (cyclist) & I have to say its perfect apart from the audio. Good visual graphics. This sites on my crash helmet & it shows wonderful. I am now thinking of getting another one for my handle bars, fast delivery from Chinavasion & I am from the UK. The price is excellent, keep up the good work Chinavasion.

Baz K

by Manny Jimenez
on 2010-04-10 01:51:31
5 star ratingWell Constructed, Well Price little Sports Camera

I received it rather quickly and I live in NYC.

The build quality is solid. I haven't used it in a real scenario but it did fall from my counter to a stone tile floor and still looks and records like new.

The video clarity is really good, The color quality is on point the sharpness is a bit off but everything is clear. I used it where there was a ton of vibration and there was very little video intereference or distortion. I do agree with Bart, I too wish that the video capture were more HD or Panoramic.

The sound quality is so-so but decent, you can here everything from where the mic is pointed but not if you are on the other side. What do you expect for the price.

It delivered and performed as promised. I'm buying my 2nd one as I write this review and you should buy in confidence you will not be dissapointed.

by chueyee xiong
on 2010-03-21 23:25:19
5 star ratingBest buy for the price range.

So, I have bought 2 of these last week. I was going to use it for paintballing purposes. After recording and doing some playback, the video image is not bad. For a 25fps, I thought I would be seeing choppy vids. Not really. It still plays as though it was a 30fps. The mic is a little sensitive so if I move to fast, you can start to hear the wind, even though there is no wind? I do wished it was waterproof, but I can deal with it. Battery life is better than what I have expected. I did not have to charge it once during paintballing (though I would periodically turn off the camera at times). Overall, 5 stars out of 5 stars. I am very pleased with the hercules edition. I recommend buying it.

by Bart (NL)
on 2010-03-08 21:47:04
5 star ratingGreat camera for a low price

First some statistics: the camera records 640x480 @ 25FPS in MJPG, sound is mono 64kbps 8kHz in PCM. My 4GB microSD card was able to store 102 minutes of video, automatically splitting the video in two files after the first one grew to 2GB. The power consumption is 120 to 180mA/H according to the manual with a battery rated at 490mAH.

I used this camera last week while snowboarding in Risoul (France) and I was pleased with the image quality. Colors are ok and not washed out, sharpness is decent enough as well. As expected the sound is useless when boarding, but when you are standing still you can hear what people are saying directly around you well enough. The lens angle seems to be standard, a bit wider would have been welcome for a camera that is designed for (extreme) sports. Build quality is good: neither cold, snowstorms or falling hard unfazed the camera.

The helmet strap was barely large enough to fit around my head, let alone on a snowboarding helmet, so we ductaped the camera to the helmet. We usually made it through the day on a single charge while only recording during descents and turning the camera off completely (with the switch on the back) during lunch.

Another pleasant surprise are the decent drivers that allow the camera to be used as a webcam. The camera works great on Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit editions) and no unneeded software is installed.

All in all, this camera delivers pretty good quality for a low price. I'd only wish the lens had a bit wider angle and that the helmet strap was more useful.

by Eef Maerten
on 2010-03-06 01:09:36
5 star ratingspeedy delivery, works OK

Its even smaller than is suspected, works Ok. Nice gadget.

Kleine robuste camera, Leuke gadget voor een leuke prijs.

by Filip Silviu
on 2010-02-09 20:33:16
4 star ratinggood cam/low price

I am pleased with the quality of both images and video. The operation of the cam though is awkward, only one button for rec/play and another one for on/off function. The user manual is a blast to read, it takes time to get accustomed with engrish :)

by Danny S.
on 2010-01-21 05:27:20
5 star ratingGreat sports camera

it's a great product and the service from chinavasion is very good.
it's possible to put in an micro SD(HC)= high capacity card from 8 GB.
The support of chinavasion did not no it for sure but it is no problem.
Resume :"it is an very good product and a grear company to do bussiness with."

by Ivan Pasquato
on 2009-12-28 03:40:36
5 star ratingperfetta!!! ivan

Perfetta e piccola ma una grande potenzialità filmati di ottima qualità con suono accettabile e foto veramente belle e addirittura può essere una webcam, batteria eccezionale e costruzione della camera veramente fatta bene totalmente in alluminio e vetro con microsd da 8 giga no problem consigliatissima !!!!

by Vincenzo72
on 2009-12-27 17:01:23
5 star ratingOttimo rapporto qualità prezzo.

Ottimo prodotto, ottima anche per riprese con aeromodelli dinamici. arrivata dopo 10 giorni, grazie chinavasion!

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