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600W RMS DC to AC Inverter - 220V

600W RMS DC to AC Inverter - 220V
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by Matthew russell
verified buyer
on 2014-09-19 19:14:08
5 star rating
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My electricity went out one night and I grabbed the battery out of one of my cars I hooked it up inside was watching a 3D Blu-ray on my 42" LCD LG TV and also had the lamp on. With the lamp and the electric blanket it also worked without missing a beat. Considering wiring up my house with essential power outlets like TV, video security, hidden LED lighting inside the light shades with an inverter in every room for appliances other than heaters/hot water heater etc 1 to run all the lighting throughout the house using 3-9w LED lights. I have LED LCD tv's that use very little electricity about a couple of watts above 100w from memory but start with just the lighting and may just put a main switch to switch from mains to inverter to save rewire. Start with a car battery that's hooked up to a automatic trickle charger so I'm always ready. Then upgrade to deep cycle battery's then 12v solar panels then I can switch all lighting to inverter power then slowly switch each room by calculating what each appliance uses together to see what wattage is required. Bathroom needs only lights so not needed no heat pump, hot water, electric Stove, washing machine and any electric heating you may have so use mains power for those
I you wanted to go completely mains connection free switch to gas cooking, hot water, wood or gas heat, oh yeah forgot about refrigeration you could go gas here or you could go inverter then use a switch to turn the refrigerator off and run the washing machine off of it as I'm guessing these 2 appliances would use more than a 600w CV inverter and suspect that a 1500w would be required.

My plan is to get all appliances and lighting etc off of the payed power being run by inverters from chinavasion and deep cycle battery's or if I can get away with it car/truck batteries. Preferably ones I have reconditioned thus costing me very little. 12v battery recharging solar panels that I can buy as I can afford it.

As for reconditioning old car batteries you can get chemicals to put in the cells that eat away the buildup of whatever it is or just flush them for a couple of hours with cold water like my grandfather used to do then fill them with salfuric acid I think it is. Any specialised battery store should stock this. If the batteries plates are warped don't bother. Just look at the ends and if there bulged out recycle them at your nearest fuel station the same place you should get your batteries just offer them whatever it is they get from the metal recyclers. Just a hint goto the one's that service the fleet cars and government vehicles ad they replace the batteries after a certain number of Kilometers not when there stuffed so you can get 12+ months out of those without touching them. Keep a voltage meter on every single battery as well as a charge current meter and keep spare batteries! As soon as you see one not charging replace it especially if it's never been reconditioned as chances of reconditioning is much higher if found early. As for voltage and current metering cheapest way for current is usually a heap of really cheap multimeters there like $3-4 at your local electronics store and for about $1.20 you will get voltage meters from eBay. Same place to get your solar panels. When buying new appliances try buying dual voltage as in take 12v as well. 12v LED down lights are ideal so are 12v tv's for bedrooms but they seem to be hard to get new. I have a 3 x 15" LCD TV's that use plug packs and remember those laptops? Ebay have great deals on 12-19v inverters or I think they maybe drop shippers for chinavasion so get them cheaper there. Remember just about everything that runs off of a plug pack is 12v or under. Talk to a professional about replacing these as they need to be regulated to there voltage. Try and avoid using plug packs on inverters they use more energy. For 5v items get a 12 to 5v adapter. Even some 12v items will need to be regulated as you will find the 12 volt rail is actually 13.8-14.4v or more cigarette lighter sockets in the walls are ideal for mobile phone chargers. Laptop inverters and if you happen to need to run an extra inverter for any reason.

Good luck and be independent.

Haven't found one yet. They appear to be 600w continues and that's amazing for the price. I have driven one out to 900 watts for 120 seconds so I'm ashuming there actually built to be 1000w with a 2400w peak not 600w with 2000w peak. Look at the chinavasion product code :-D.
by claudiu balaoiu
verified buyer
on 2013-11-19 06:39:49
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

the product is good the price in ok...the packaging it was in good Conditions,,cheers china vision

by Vasily Shishkin
verified buyer
on 2013-08-20 05:22:51
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Works good - converts 12V to 220V.

Short 12V socket cable.
by george antoniou
on 2013-07-08 23:00:55
4 star ratingvery good

excellent product if you want to have a laptop outside

by michalis kountoureshies
on 2013-03-07 20:45:00
5 star ratingvery nice device

this device is perfect.it help a lots bcz i dont have electricity where i live .it save me!!!!
i can watch television now!!!
thanks lots chinavasion

by Mister Kitay
on 2012-06-25 22:20:15
5 star ratingThis is a good device

This is a good device!
I bought and tested with different tools http://masterlom.moy.su/blog/invertor_12_220_volt/2012-06-24-45
This is good works.

by Daniel Recio
on 2020-10-05 13:57:47
5 star ratingPerfecto

Todo ha ido fenomenal, buen reparto y producto en perfectas condiciones.

by Nikos
on 2020-10-28 16:20:25
5 star ratingCongratulations

Very easy to install and works very well, thankyou Chinavasion for a great quality product.

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