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Import from China Mini-Course - Part 1 - Section 2

"Start Communicating With China!"

Two big changes that will make communication with China easier:

1. The internet.

China has rapidly implemented broadband internet access for all cities and towns, thanks to good cable networks and fast implementation of ADSL by Chinese telecoms.

The power of the internet is breaking down barriers to communication. International phone calls are cheap or free, email is fast and efficient, and websites provide an unparalleled marketing platform.

Small businesses or even individuals are empowered to compete in an international market, and the possibilities for business connections are seemingly endless. Chinese people have perhaps only just begun to wake up to the possibilities of the internet marketplace, but it’s certainly true that thanks to the www, China has never been more accessible.


2. Culture changes.

Inevitably Chinese culture is becoming more outgoing and international thanks to influences of TV, movies, music, fashion, and the internet. But of course the real driving force is money, and if Chinese people are good at anything, it is spotting profit opportunities.

Chinese businesses and individuals are less and less restricted by national regulations, meaning more travel, more trade, and more expansion into foreign markets. In fact, like it or not, Chinese businesses are already coming out of China and approaching you! China itself is full of business opportunities for foreign firms and investors, but entering the Chinese market can be a thorny business.

In this mini-course the opportunity I am talking about is not inside the China domestic market -- the opportunity starts at home, with you, on your computer. I want you to begin to be able to profit from China, without leaving home. (Of course if you want to come to China that can be a great idea and I’ll talk about that later.)

Travelling to China isn’t difficult these days, and to make contacts in China you can start just with the telephone and your email. Speaking to Chinese businesses isn’t like a conversation over the Iron Curtain you know!

The first rule of making a profit on anything is “buy low, sell high”.

I can’t say it so elegantly, but what I hope you're going to take away from this mini-course is:

  • Buy Chinese...

  • Sell At Prices Lower Than Your Competitiors ...

  • Take Your Nice Profit Margin.

  • Rinse and Repeat !


Read on to learn about why importing from China is your no.1 opportunity right now.



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