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Import from China Mini-Course - Part 3 - Section 5

"Chinese People Value Harmony"


How can you sum up how to start your communications with a Chinese supplier? I think of it like this:

"be cautious, but don't seem suspicious;

make enquiries, not demands".

If you follow this attitude I can promise you, you will be much more successful in the long term in your dealings with Chinese businesspeople, because you will create a harmonious business relationship.

One of the things you will notice if you visit China or deal with Chinese people a lot is that we are very proud of our history and culture! The Chinese way of thinking about everything in life is really very different to the Western way.

Like it or not, Chinese people tend to believe their way of communicating and doing business is the "normal, correct" way, and your way is the foreign way!!

So please don't expect Chinese business contacts to change their style and adapt to your way of thinking - at least not too much too fast.

Try to be understanding if you find you can't seem to communicate in the way you expected at first! Work with Chinese people in a patient, polite way, and the rewards will come back to you in the long term!


Import from China Mini-Course-- Part 3: Your Internet Research Resources



Note from Rose Li

Thank you for reading part 3 of the Chinavasion Import from China Mini-Course. As you know, I like to express my opinion based on my experiences. If you talk to other Chinese people about good communications they may give you other good ideas I haven't thought of. If you've got some Chinese friends or contacts, talk with them about whether they feel Western people communicate in a different way. And I'd be really interested to hear about these experiences of dealing with (or failing to deal with!) Chinese suppliers.

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