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Import from China Mini-Course - Part 2 - Section 5

"China Sources -- Grab The Opportunities, But Don't Move TooFast!"

Here's some thoughts I'd like you to hold from today's information :

  • China is not particularly more risky as a place to do business than anywhere else.
    But the comparative lack of regulation in the Chinese market and the very fast recent growth of small businesses, coupled with the obvious profit opportunities that foreign buyers present, mean that you need to walk in with your eyes open.

  • Trade fairs are excellent starting points, and you won't regretspending the time and money.

  • Don't be afraid of visiting China -- but make sure you have a professional travel agent help organise your trip because youdon't want to have to try to make too many changes once you've actually arrived in China.

  • When you are in China, go slow and focus on buildingcontacts, not trying to close deals.

  • You can make your visit to China most effective by researching companies online first,contacting them well in advance, and arranging appointments to visit.If you just show up on their doorstep without speaking to them in advance,you may not get anywhere at all.

  • Record the contact details of potential suppliers systematically, because you will find a lot of leads at tradefairs and it's worth contacting many if you are just starting out in China.
    Focus on building contacts and relationships
    before jumping into masses of details.

  • Order samples and go slow in your negotiations.
    Don't be pushy with your supplier
    for fast reactions ifyou're a new client -- they may be a great supplier, but in their eyes you're not a good customer-- yet!


Import from China Mini-Course-- Part 2:Your Internet Research Resources



Note from Rose Li

Thank you for reading this part of the ChinavasionImport from China Mini-Course. I know this section covered a lot of groundvery quickly. I am sure I have raised as many questions in your mind as Ihave answered, so please feel free to send me your questions and feedback,and I will incorporate the information into future China ImportNewsletters.

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