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Import from China Mini-Course - Part 4 - Section 5

"Start Small, Learn From Your Experiences, And Build Up Expertise"

Shipping and Taxes are complex issues and may be the crux of whether you succeed in your import business or ... fail to succeed.

As you gain experience importing from China and elsewhere you will get valuable knowledge in all sorts of technical areas that will gradually mean you are rising to expert status. And you may not wish to share too many secrets!

I am happy to share the knowledge I have, and am still learning from our export business here at Chinavasion. I can't teach you everything in one go, but here are my words of wisdom for you for this part of the mini-course:

  • The only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Oh, and in your importing life you can add "lost shipments" to that too! Remember your insurance!

  • Shipping, insurance, and import taxes can totally wipe out the profits you thought you were going to make! Do as much research as you can, as early as you can!

  • Don't blame your supplier for your import taxes. Just make sure your delivery, labelling, packing, and declaration instructions to them are defined clearly. Don't rely on anyone's advice about import taxes unless it comes from a professional customs broker.

  • One of the best sources of information about import taxes is your own experience! Every time you import and do/do not get taxed, keep clear centralised records of what taxes had to be paid in relation to the type / value of the goods. Use these figures as a system of estimating future taxes on import shipments.

Your Research Resources - click the links to read the extra information: SHIPPING

TAXES FAQs FOR USA IMPORTERS FROM CHINA These notes will also be useful background knowledge for everyone and a lot of the information is true in other countries too.


Note from Rose Li

Thank you so much for reading the mini-course this far! If this is the first time you are thinking about importing from China, I wish you good luck as you continue your learning and build your business!

This section of the mini course was quite hard to write because so many people have been asking me for information about shipping and taxes, but it's all so detailed, and everyone needs different information depending on their country and the type of importing they're doing. So I'm sorry if I haven't answered your questions yet!

There were several things I wanted to talk about in this section of the mini course but didn't because they are just too in-depth:

  1. Using a Freight Forwarder.
  2. Container shipping.
  3. Getting insurance.
  4. Using a Customs Broker.
  5. Customs documents and paperwork.

If you have questions about these above issues in relation to your own Chinavasion orders, please submit a support ticket here. We'll give you specific assistance for your orders or quotations.


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Coming Up in the Final Part of the Chinavasion Import From China Mini-Course:

Part 5: Profiting from your China Connection

  • Drop-shipping-- how not to fail!

  • The top misconceptions people have about doing business with Chinese.

  • Tips on finding niche products.

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