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About Your Order Declaration Value

Many thanks for your recent order on Chinavasion.com

You are reading this message because we need you to we have already set arecommended declaration value on your order.

Please read the details below and:

  •  Please note the suggested declared value for your orderin your Chinavasionaccount.
  • Note the terms and conditions on this page.
  • You do not need to do anything if you agree.
  • Contact us if you disagree.




In many countries, imported items are subject to import tax (duty / salestax) that you, or the recipient, has to pay on delivery.

This may not apply toyou if you are delivering to a country with few import restrictions. (Pleasenote, we do not add any taxes to your order - it depends only on your owncountry's Customs.)

These taxes are usually calculated by the value of the goods. As a specialservice to you, we'd like to help you minimize the tax, if you agree.



In some countries, if the declared value of the goods is lower, then the taxis lower.

The method to do this is adjust the declared value on the shipping invoice withyour order to a lower amount equivalent to "nominal China wholesale price".

Since the value of the goods is, in the final instance, assessed by yourcountry's customs, you must indicate your agreement to any adjustment indeclared value and note our buyer terms and conditions.




  • Check the comments onyour order for the declared value.
  • Declared values are always in US Dollar for consistency / internationalimport standards.
  • The declared value of the individual products on your order will beseparately itemized to match this order total.
  • Due to our experience shipping products to your country, this is theminimum value that is reasonable / safe to declare. Please note we cannotdeclare lower than this.
  • By default, shipping invoices include the shipping fee (UPS / Fedex /DHL etc) as a separate item. Our normal course of action is to declare 50%value on shipping, because in certain countries this affects your importtax. If you want shipping value declared fully or omitted please reply withyour instructions.
  • If you need a copy of the shipping invoice, exactly the same as the onesent with your package(s), to support your import process, please ask us andwe will email it to you.
  • The name / address on the shipping invoice will be exactly as youentered the shipping address in the Chinavasion.com checkout. If you need tochange anything please tell us.



» If you agree with the suggested declaration foryour order, you do not need to do anything. If we do not hear from you we willassume you agree and send out the goods.

» If you do NOT agree with this declarationarrangement, please contact us as soon as possible to request that we declarethe full invoice value, or a different, higher value.



In the shipping invoice that accompanies your package(s) the goods must beidentified. We will identify the goods with generic product category names. Ifyou need more details, please ask. Products cannot be falsely declared as adifferent sort of product.

"Declare as gift" typically has no credibility/effect on customs taxassessment, and we will not declare products as gifts or personal effects.




  • There is no guarantee that declared values have any effect on yourshipping.
  • Please see full notes about import tax here:https://support.chinavasion.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/12
  • As per our terms and conditions, any customization you request / agreeto in regard to declaration value on the shipping paperwork is at your ownrisk. Agreeing to our suggested declared value implies your acceptance ofliability in the rare situation of any customs inquiry.
  • As the importer you are solely responsible for checking the regulations,taxes, and practices of your delivery country before ordering. Check yourlocal Customs website if you aren't sure.

Thanks again for your order 

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