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Product Availability Information

Product Availability Notification

Have you ever seen a Chinavasion product you wanted to buy, and then come back later to find it disappeared?

Or have you been buying a product regularly from Chinavasion, but it's out of stock and you need to know when it's going to be back?

These issues happen because Chinavasion only lists products for sale which are actually in stock and ready to ship out. If a product runs out we stop showing it for sale.

Chinavasion is trying to help you track stock availability in a better way. Currently we are providing data lists described on this page. Read on for more information.

How To Find Out Stock Availability

There are 4 main ways you can get information about stock availability:

  1. Products In The Chinavasion Shop Clearly Indicate Availability
    If a product has an "add to cart" button and allows you to order it, by definition it is available and in stock.
    You can see on the individual product pages of the www.chinavasion.com shop itself if a product is notified as out of stock. It will not allow you to add it to the cart.
    Of course, when products first launch you can use the new products page to track the latest gadgets.
  2. The "List of Products In Stock". (See Below)
    This is a simple spreadsheet of everything which is in stock and available to order right now. Anything NOT on the list, by definition is not in stock and not available.
  3. The fully detailed "Product Status Log". (See Below)
    On the log you will see all the previously-closed products each day which have come back into stock and are available to buy. You'll also see all the products which have been closed, and if they are coming back soon, an estimated restock date.
  4. Talk to Customer Support
    At any time, using live chat or support tickets, you can ask your sales representative at Chinavasion about specific products' availability. In particular this will be useful if you are a wholesale customer intending to order bulk quantities which may exceed our stock. In these cases the staff will give you lead times and pricing for your larger orders.

Regarding Accessories and notification about products soon to be discontinued, please visit our Data Lists information page.

New and recently launched prodcuts - Don't forget to enable images in your email to see this email displayed correctly!

(Apart from the daily online/offline product status changes in the new list below,
don't forget that the best way to find out about NEW products being launched
is to subscribe to our new products RSS feed.)

List of Products In Stock

preview of products list
Preview, click image to visit the list or see more links below.

This list simply shows you all products currently in available status. The list is refreshed once a day.

If you cannot see a product on the list it means it is not available. This means the data can be suitable for dropshippers needing a semi automated way to alert themselves to stop listing products which stopped being available.

Viewing The List

Since products can run out during a working day, this list is not a guarantee that a product is available. Check the product page for the actual status.

Detailed Product Status Log

Preview of product status log
Preview, click image to visit the list or see more links below.

This list gives you case by case information about every product that went offline or came back online. For offline products we give you detail whether it is expected to come back in stock, and if so, when. For discontinued products, we suggest similar alternatives.

Viewing The Product Status Log

The list contains one row for each action where we have taken a product offline or put it back online, with the date. The list will show all activity for the last few days, and then a separate worksheet for archived events going back a month or so.

Searching For Products In The List

The best way to search the list is with the Chinavasion Model Code, which you can find under the title of the product in the product page:

Use Ctrl-F to search the Google Spreadsheet:

The information is up to date for the previous working day. Changes which occurred today will be noted in the log tomorrow, etc. Very recent changes where you need urgent information, you can ask Customer Support.

More Spreadsheet Help

These data lists are available via Google Spreadsheets (part of Google Docs).

We recommend viewing Google Docs using the Chrome browser, and in a resolution at least 1280x1024

"How can I download the data?"

download as xls from Google Spreadsheets

You can download the information from Google Spreadsheets onto your local computer storage in a variety of formats, e.g. xls for Microsoft Excel.

More FAQs About Product Availability

Can I See On The Website Product Page If It Is Available?

Yes, all the normal products that are available look like this:

products on chinavasion that are online and available to buy are in stock

The product is in stock. You can see the prices and add it to cart and buy it.

A product that is offline due to no stock will appear like this:

appearance of offline products
The red text says "not available" and there are no prices, and no add to cart button. This means the product is in the offline status.

Products which are not available will disappear from category lists and search results on our website. If they are in your shopping cart from previous browsing, you will see an alert that they have been removed.

We are improving our system so that it will soon be more clear whether the product is permanently offline or just temporarily. For now, if you see this product is offline and you know it was open recently, you can check in the status log to see if it is coming back or not.

A product that is temporarily sold out (for one or two days) will appear like this:

appearance of products temporarily offline

These very short temporary stoppages will not be documented in the product status logs.

Why Do Products Run Out?

Chinavasion operates a straightforward website selling policy: everything we list for sale through the website is physically in stock on the shelves of our Shenzhen warehouse. We do our best to make sure that products don't run out, but sometimes supply chain problems or unpredicted order spikes mean that a product runs out.

The most common reason for products to run out is that we have been unable to re-stock the product in time because our factory supplier could not deliver. As Chinavasion is not a manufacturer, and sources products from a wide variety of factories in China, these supply issues are often unpredictable and almost always beyond our control. By holding stock of all the products we are doing our best to provide you only the top quality and most stable products from the Chinese market.

In cases where the product stock has run out, we close the product within half a day so that customers are not in a situation of ordering something that is not available.

How Do I Know If/When A Product Is Coming Back?

When a product goes offline, sometimes it is just temporary as we wait for restocking. In these cases you will see one of the following messages:

  • Product expected back in stock - see date.
  • Product is due to return but no restock date is possible for Chinavasion to confirm at present.

The difference between those two is that we will give you an expected back date if we are confident about it. If we are not sure (as it is often out of our control) about the product supply, we will post the more uncertain status and update it later if more is known.

The date back is our best effort to make an honest and realistic restock date. If your business is ultra time critical please do not depend on it, rather, set a reminder on that date to confirm the product really did come back as expected, before selling the product to your customer.

It also happens that products will sell out and close, and this product will never come back. In that case the message is:

  • This product is no longer available and is not coming back.

In this case you can check for suggested alternative products in the spreadsheet.

(You can see in advance which products are known to be closing permanently soon, at the "Product soon to be discontinued" data list, see here.)

How Do I Get Alerted When A Product Has Come Back Into Stock?

We don't currently have an automated alert system, but the Product Status information will help you track products you are interested in.

You can track the Product Status Log daily or regularly to see the products which are indicated as "Back Online"

In addition you can visit the following URL in our Blog to see a weekly bulletin of all the new and restored products which have come online:

How Can I Get More Information On Stock Levels?

When planning bulk orders over 50pcs, talk to a sales representative after you check out your order, to confirm if the stock is already in house or to get clear estimates of delivery times. Large orders over 150kg can be offered special shipping quotes - ask after creating your order.

Gold and Platinum level customers, please contact your sales representative for a link to a page in your Chinavasion account where you can see a list of which products are available in greater stock qty.

Can you automatically send me emails each time products go online and offline?

This facility is not yet available, although we are looking into good ways to implement something like this.

Data Lists page
Chinavasion also provides a variety of other Data Lists
such as lists of special prices, recently launched products etc

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