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True Wholesale - Understanding the Benefits to you from Chinavasion

Chinavasion is the only China-based Electronics Wholesaler...
...that is actually a real wholesaler!

When you shop on Chinavasion and use us as your wholesale supplier, you can rely on "what you see is what you get"...

  • The prices are way below retail so you can sell the products for profit.
  • Your orders are easy to place online and you can track exactly what's happening to it as it is processed and delivered.
  • The goods arrive in top condition and what you receive is exactly what you ordered based on the product descriptions.
  • The goods arrive FAST because everything you "add to cart" is actually physically in stock in our warehouse in Shenzhen.
  • The goods are guaranteed to arrive successfully at any destination worldwide, full compensation if they don't.
  • The goods are excellent quality and come with a warranty backed by professional customer support.

We think it's reasonable for you to EXPECT these things from ANY professional wholesaler.

Unfortuntately, many unprofessional copy-sellers have sprung up in China since Chinavasion launched this business model 5 years ago...

...This is a WARNING that ALL of the other companies you can find online, calling themselves "wholesale"... are just DECEIVING you and using that word simply to attract retail customers to their FAKE sites.

From our business network here in China, and from our research online in this market, we STILL cannot find a single other website or company which is offering you a true wholesale service!

Let's take a look at what "Wholesale" should really mean:

REAL Wholesale

FAKE "wholesale"
(thousands of bogus 'clone' Chinese sellers trying to copy the success of Chinavasion online)

ONLY selling to business (B2B customers), not selling through retail channels.Below-retail pricing as close to the factory price as possible.

Selling retail, competing with you anywhere they can advertise, like ebay, amazon, etc. Their selling prices to you are routinely marked up double the China price or more.

EVERYTHING in stock for FAST immediate dispatch.

NOTHING in stock, every advertised product is only a picture, and they have to order it from a supplier AFTER you pay for it. Long delays with every single order.

Only source and stock strictly qualified, legal products.

Everything that is in stock has already passed IN HOUSE QUALITY CONTROL.

Strict control of stable, high quality factory suppliers.

They put any old "product" online as long as they have a title and a picture.

Absolutely no control of quality, legality, ... and often not even checking the product really exists before it is put online!

No control of suppliers, many of their suppliers are just more middle men or often retailers!

Focused on long term business relationships. Heavily invested in professional customer support.

Knowledgeable staff writing detailed, accurate product dsecriptions and doing photos 100% from scratch.

Focused only on the quick-sell. Zero customer support.

Only copying second- or third-hand product descriptions in poor English and copying photos from other sites. (Most electronics on China sites, you will see run off copied Chinavasion pictures and descriptions.)

Driven by efficiency: professional warehouse facility and order-picking system.

Constantly improving and developing better systems for faster and lower-cost fulfilment.

No logistics system behind the scenes... pure chaos trying to handle any customers or orders.

No in-house development or re-investment.

Legal, stable company. Responsible corporate policies such as privacy and data protection.

Here-today gone-tomorrow, dubious one-man shows. They will sell all your private data without losing any sleep.

No-quibbles product quality guarantee. Fast compensation in case of mistakes.

You would have to battle tooth and nail ever to get back any money after you pay it... even if they never deliver anything!

Special conditions for VIP customers and an easy-to-attain discount levels scheme.

Everyone treated like a one-time retail customer: take your money and bye-bye.

Support with clearance of goods through customs, tracking your delivery right to the destination. Full compensation if the goods do not arrive safely.

When - if - your goods are sent out by the Chinese cowboys, that's the end of their responsibility - if it doesn't arrive, it's your problem not theirs!

This year, Chinavasion is celebrating 5 years of being the market leader in China-direct Wholesale Consumer Electronics.

If YOU are an established seller of electronics, an online power-seller, or a serious startup entrepreneur, NOW you know who is going to stand by you as your serious, stable supplier, to help you profit for the NEXT 5 years and beyond!

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