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Chinavasion Stock Means FAST Dispatch

Stock and Dispatch Speed - Introduction To Chinavasion
On this page you can find out how Chinavasion helps you
with superior shipping-out speed and wholesale stock.

Chinavasion was founded with a simple principle: make it easy for you to buy cool electronics and gadgets direct from China, with FAST international delivery. The wholesale approach means that you can find great low prices, and buy any quantity - 1, 10, 50, 100pcs - for quick delivery for your own use or if you are selling these products for profit yourself.

This is what you get here: everything you see is in stock in our warehouse, and your orders will be sent out FAST ... usually NEXT DAY.

Back in 2005 when Chinavasion opened, this was the first and only website you could find shipping consumer electronics direct from China to your door. You could always take our speed and efficiency for granted...

These days ... there are literally hundreds of Chinese copycat websites and you need to BEWARE that NONE of them are TRUE WHOLESALERS.

In our view, to be a wholesaler means to have stock on the warehouse shelf of what you are selling, and ship it out ASAP when you receive the order. In our experience here on the ground in China, and testing the services of many similar-looking websites, we've realized that we are still the only company which actually believes in that service standard.

Despite the hundreds of copycats, Chinavasion.com is still the only place you can go for true, honest "what you see is what you get" direct online ordering. If you want certainty and speed - your choice is Chinavasion.

Why It's Important...!

You will find hundreds of websites from Chinese sellers claiming to be "wholesale". Invariably they are not real wholesalers, because they do not keep stock of all their products. They advertise thousands of products - and let you pay for them up front - which they do not have ready to send out.

We do not believe it is a satisfactory experience for you, the buyer... With other sellers you order and pay online ... but you still have to wait days or WEEKS for the Chinese seller to go and order it from his supplier and then eventually send out to you without any honest appraisal of how long the order takes.

At Chinavasion we think it should be simple: what you see on our website is actually available to send out to you right now. Order online, get a tracking number within a day or two, and the package is on its way by air as fast as deliveries can be made.

Whether you are buying products for your own interest, as commercial samples, or buying larger quantities

Additionally, if you know about dropshipping, you'll realize that as Chinavasion is the only seller with this stock and speed guarantee, we're therefore the only Chinese seller you can take seriously as a wholesale dropship supplier... read on for more...

Dropshipping is possible if your supplier is fast
Dropshipping is a profitable strategy for small businesses -
but it will only work if you can rely on a fast wholesaler... Chinavasion!


Dropshipping means you, the seller, advertise Chinavasion products for sale in your online shop or platforms such as eBay. You set the prices and you deal with the customers. When you receive an order, you place it on Chinavasion.com and we ship the products direct to your customer. To learn more about dropshipping, click here.

Obviously, when you are dealing with your end customer, speed is just as important to him as it is to you. That whole business model is not going to work unless your dropship supplier can get packages shipped out as fast as possible.

Supporting professional dropship vendors is another reason Chinavasion will only advertise products which are in stock, and is always working to improve ship-out speed and stock stability.

Chinavasion logistics process helps you
It's a complex business for Chinavasion but
we make sure your orders and delivery are easy and smooth for you!

Your Order Process

The Chinavasion warehouse is in Shenzhen, in the South of Guangdong Province in China, bordering Hong Kong. The team in the warehouse consist of 5 distinct groups who ensure your order is dealt with fast and accurately:

  1. Quality Control
    When the goods arrived in our warehouse (they're already in stock when you place your order), our QC team checked all the products to ensure only the perfect quality ones go on the shelves.
    (No other so-called wholesaler in China will provide that service by the way!)

  2. Accurate Picking
    When your order arrives, it is automatically printed out for our Picking Team. They select the boxes from the shelves, which are double checked by another person to ensure we send you the right products.
    (Don't underestimate other Chinese sellers' potential for sending you completely the wrong products... if they send you anything at all!)

  3. Careful Packing
    Every order is different, as the Chinavasion.com web shop makes it easy for you to mix and match different products and quantities into one order. So our expert Packing Team hand-cut heavy duty cardboard to match the exact product boxes inside, pack it tightly, and add bubble wrap to make sure nothing rattles. We want your products to arrive in perfect condition.
    [All Chinavasion products are individually retail boxed, inside the main shipping package.]
    (If you are daring enough to buy from other Chinese online shops, you will probably notice that no such care is put into packing and your products might arrive damaged!)

  4. Expertise in Shipping Paperwork
    Small mistakes on the paperwork with international parcels can cause annoying delays or even unnecessary extra customs charges! So our Shipping Team ensure that everything is accurately filled in for smooth delivery to any destination. Whether it's a delivery to New York City or remote Pacific Islands... the Chinavasion team will make sure the job is done right!

  5. Active Delivery Tracking
    After your order is sent out we will send you a tracking number so you can trace the delivery all the way to your door. Most courier deliveries (FedEx, UPS, DHL Express) take 3-4 days to major destinations. But you are not the only one watching your delivery progress. Chinavasion is the only China seller where the staff will also track your delivery actively and act fast to deal with any problems. If there is a delay with your delivery, we'll probably already be working on it before you've noticed.

More Information

If you would like to know more about Chinavasion's stock and speed, the best way to learn is just place an order! You will find everything we are saying is true and your order is dispatched promptly and efficiently. What you saw online is exactly what you receive, and the products will delight you.

For specific sales quotes on large quantities of products, feel free to contact us, and our sales representatives can answer your questions about the exact stock and availability of any product.

When products run out of stock, we take them off our web shop. If there is something which you see (or saw before) in our online shop that does not seem to be available any more, feel free to contact us to enquire about it, as it may still be possible to obtain from the factory.

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