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MP4 Player with 1.8 Inch OLED Screen (2GB)

MP4 Player with 1.8 Inch OLED Screen (2GB)
Deliverystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Value for Moneystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Packagingstarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Ease of Setup/Usestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Function/Performancestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
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by chocholous
on 2008-01-16 04:42:45
5 star ratingbakelit

Smejd vyroben zlutasema. Sere se to jako krava, upadavaj soucastky. Naustale se formatuje pamet a rozhrani s PC je neskutecne pomaly. Cestina nepouzitelna. No kdyby to bylo bez posty, tak by se dalo rict, ze to je mozna OK. A cenzuruje se tu vse, co neni pozitivni hodnoceni, takze tem kecum neverte.

Interestin product in the sence price/service. Small product for modest user.

by fieldy
on 2007-11-01 02:47:27
5 star ratinging

tak toto je pekna picovina tak prijebanu mp4 picovinu som este nevidel furt sa to restartuje, furt vyhadzuje format error a ma nakokot baterku chodte s takymto gumennym picosom viete kam vy kokoti pregnantny :Dnice work :D pal do pici činavasion

by Ejaz Ul Haque
on 2007-08-25 10:52:37
5 star ratingComputer Eng

Very nice and attractive innovation & Useful for any purpose ..thanks China

by JaMC
on 2007-05-22 15:44:56
4 star ratingLovely Unit

This was product was quite a surprise for me. Smaller than I imagined and video quality far surpassed what I expected. Everything worked fine and it definately did not disappoint. Rich vibrant colors, well lit screen, smooth video playback and good sound. Only downside would be the earphones and the whole formatting issue. Definately worth a try.

by Charlie D.
on 2007-05-12 02:38:45
5 star ratingCOOLY TINY!!

Hi, This MP3/4 player fits in your palm, its tiny!! Butons still easy to press!!
Thanks Chinavasion.

by oboh austine
on 2007-04-26 18:50:29
5 star ratingmr

the product is very nice and alttractive, like to have large some of the item to promote my business in africa.

by Lianne
on 2007-03-17 20:07:04
5 star ratingMP4

The mp4s were excellent. Packaging was good and they were better and smaller then I imagined.

by Garima Golani
on 2007-03-16 15:27:16
3 star ratingMrs.

the mp4 player is gr8! its acttually very very very tiny like half of your palm...i think its smaller than that pic tht is given or tht pic is jus to zoomed which makes it look bigger! feature wise it onli supports avi format so like if you got other videos files u hv to convert it all all the software is given...but can become a pain sometimes...but overall it's quite pretty and impressive what a small thing like that can do! good fm though...and cute lil dog pics in it....found it damn cute!

by Melvin
on 2007-02-11 12:45:38
5 star ratingSweet Battery Life

Awesome better than all the other mp4 players its battery saving setting is great last me as long as the sellers claim..and dont be fooled by the picture, this mp4 is actually smaller than all the 1.5" mp4 which i found surprising because the screen is bigger too..

by Leland
on 2007-02-09 11:01:49
5 star ratingBusiness Owner

This product is fantastic looking, and comes with all kinds of stuff, including USB cable, headphones, and a lot more. The price is right. Get yourself some, and turn a profit.

by Just me :o)
on 2007-02-08 05:38:03
5 star ratingReviewing this

Ok, what's good about this MP4-player?
It's cheap, very cheap. Probably the cheapest when also comparing quality and design.
MP4players are not a bad price here, not very cheap, but also not too expensive.

Only the functionality of menu should be improved. It's not very userfriendly.
Also i would like to see the factory protecting users against theirselves: if you format your memory, you can say bye bye to your mp4 player. This could be solved by protecting it against format.

by mohammed abbas
on 2007-01-26 19:31:41
5 star ratingamzing mp4

this mp4 is the best .do yoyu know why ?because its beautifully desined and i think it will be the best seller in the .

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