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Your Unique Level 4 Advantage

Congratulations! You're at Level 4, the highest availablediscount level on Chinavasion.com

All your prices, even on small quantities, are lower than everyoneelse's. With these discounts, you can take advantage of better margins and set your ownmore competitive retail pricing.

Your discount level is permanent and applies to all products. If you aren't sure about how the leveldiscounts work,click here to watch a video about the discount scheme.


Here are some of the benefits you can now enjoy:

Click for more details:


Personal Service

Hi, my name is Marita.
I will provide you with direct support throughout your order process.

Marita Gu, Sales Team Leader


+86(0)755 26456050
    (when dialling from overseas, it is most common to begin with"00" and omit the area code zero, so you dial: 0086 755 2641869

Fax: +86 (0)755 26451879


I will offer you assistance from pre-sales questions such asproduct information and pricing quotes, through making sure your processingorders are sent out promptly, to following up on your delivered orders and itemwarranty queries.

Whatever you need, please speak to me and I'll do whatever Ican!

Stay Up To Date

"If you would like me to keep you informed about newproducts, let me know what categories interest you. I'll arrange to send yousamples and provide preview information on upcoming products before anyoneelse sees them." --Marita


Notes About Contacting Us

  • If you cannot reach me at the number above, please also tryour main support phone number +86 (0)755 26451869 and ask for me or Renee.

  • If you email support@chinavasion.com your emails will be automatically directed tome. I will use the support.chinavasion.com ticket system to create newmessages to you, and when you reply I will receive your message directly.

  • (If you use the ordinary ticket submission athttp://www.chinavasion.com/submit-ticket, your ticket will be handled byour ordinary Customer Support Team. For priority service, please use emailinstead.)

  • For information related to delivery, customs clearance,couriers, or shipping invoices, you may be contacted directly by ourShipping Team. In any such case you are welcome to speak to me as well, toresolve any issue faster.


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Take Advantage Of The BestPrices

  • As you can see when you view products in Chinavasion.com, your pricesare now discounted for the first four quantity breaks:

You get the 4th level discount price applied to all the quantities below that.

  • If you have any questions about prices, or would like to discuss betterprices for volume orders, just contact me.
  • (Occasionally, special offer pricing on our website may actuallyresult in a higher price than your normal private discount price. In thesecases, please notify us when ordering and we will correct the prices for youmanually. This will be fixed automatically soon.)

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Better Prices On Large Orders

Chinavasion is a wholesaler, with warehouse shelved stock of all the productsyou see at Chinavasion.com - As such we can fulfil your small and mediumquantities very fast from our warehouse.

The online shop at Chinavasion.com is thus best suited for your orders1pc-200pcs

For bigger orders 200pcs-10,000pcs, please contact me.

  • For bigger quantity orders, we will give you competitive pricing viasame-day Proforma Invoice. You can also create orders in Chinavasion forlarger amounts, and inform us of the order number, to speed up the P/I pricequoting process.
  • We'll take care of dealing with everything with the factory, and keepyou informed of lead time.
  • You are welcome to specify special requirements for labelling, branding,packaging, and accessories.
  • We will take care of all quality control using our own staff, in ourwarehouse.
  • Before packing, your goods will be subject to double-check by ourWarehouse Manager to ensure everything is correctly included as you require.
  • We will offer you shipping rates via courier, and via air and seafreight for larger shipments. You are welcome to compare those rates toother freight companies, and we are happy to work with your third partyprovider if you choose.
  • We can also arrange shipping insurance for your goods.
  • We'll help put together the shipping paperwork to help your packagesclear customs smoothly in your destination country. Alternative declarationsof products and reduced value statements are available (at your own risk) ifyou wish.
  • We can offer you payment terms via Letter of Credit for larger orders.

Chinavasion has a team of 10 dedicated QC tecnicians, who
unpack individual pieces of your ordered products and inspect the appearance
and main functions. Only perfect quality items are shipped to you.


Why Buy In Bulk From Chinavasion, Not From The Factory?

Buying from the factory has an obvious cost advantage. Or so it wouldseem.

However, your hidden cost when buying factory-direct is the high failurerate of the products. When products fail at a rate of 5-10% (usual for Chinaelectronics factories), how will your business deal with that?

When you deal with factories, you also spend a lot of your time andeffort dealing with unforseen problems, and commonly, inexperiencedcommunication-challenged Chinese staff. This can be time consuming, andmakes it hard to deal with the inevitable complexities of large volumeimporting.

With Chinavasion:

  • We perform rigorous quality control on your orders so thatthe perfect-quality rate is at 99.5% or better. This is a uniqueChinavasion service you won't find from any other supplier in China.
  • We're in contact with you throughout, with honest, professionalcommunications. Chinese factories rarely have staff with goodEnglish skills. Chinavasion only employs staff who have the higheststandard of English in emails and on the phone.
  • You'll get clear pricing. When we quote you prices, it'sclear what's included, and we will not change the price after quotingit. If you deal with Chinese factories you will always have the worry ofthem holding you ransom with hidden charges and "fees" additional toyour original payment.
  • We'll listen to your exact requirements and discuss honestlywith you what can and cannot be achieved, and in what time frame. UnlikeChinese factories, we won't constantly make you promises and then breakthem.
  • Regardless of the quantity, your goods are guaranteed by our 12month warranty. If end users find function problems with theproducts, they can return them to you and we will receive yourconsolidated returns at any time in the warranty period. This kind ofper-piece warranty is virtually impossible to obtain from a Chinesefactory.


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Sourcing Other Products

As a Level 4 buyer, it's clear you are in a strong position to market yourproducts and shift a substantial volume of sales. Chinavasion is in a uniqueposition, with bilingual sourcing experts working here on the ground to sourcethe latest cool hi-tech products from the factories of southern Mainland China.

Why not put these two strengths together?

The chances are, you've seen products that you'd love to sell, and know youcould profit from... but they're not available on Chinavasion.com

Just let us know what other products you need!

We will actively follow up any product sourcing requirement you have.


Already buying from Chinese factories?

- Even if you already have a factory supplying you in China, you couldswitch your quality control and logistics to Chinavasion's warehouse inShenzhen. For a small additional cost, you'd have an easier time working onthe details of your orders, and the peace of mind that comes from knowingyour products have all been quality inspected prior to shipment.


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More Shipping Options

As you know, Chinavasion's standard shipping methods are UPS, FedEx, DHL, andAir Mail (via Hong Kong Post).

As a highly valued Level 4 Customer, we can additionally offer you:

  • EMS
    EMS is China Post's express mail service. It's equivalent to USPS PriorityMail (or ParcelForce in the UK). Delivery takes 5-20 days.
    EMS is suitable for small shipments. The price is similar to courieroptions, but the advantage is that, being postal, the packets are subjectedto less scrutiny in many countries' customs. This means for highly strictcountries or countries with prohibitive import taxation, EMS can be anattractive way to send small orders without incurring customs delays or highcharges to the consignee.
  • Air Freight
    Air Freight means delivering your goods to an air cargo carrier (in ourcase that would usually be Guangzhou Airport or, more commonly, Hong KongAirport). Typically you, the receiver, would have to deal with a somewhatmore complex customs process on the receiving end, and arrange transportfrom the airport to your local destination.
    Air Freight is suitable for large weight orders: comparing to couriers, itbecomes a viable option at around 300kg. In most cases you need to bookspace in an air container, and this is done through specialist freightforwarding companies, mostly located in Hong Kong.
    Chinavasion will work with your freight forwarder of choice, allowing themto collect the goods from our warehouse, or delivering to their logisticscenter in the airport or elsewhere. Alternatively, we can offer you verycompetitive air freight shipment options. Please ask at the time of orderingif you are interested.
  • Sea Freight
    In container-size quantities, you get a significant cost saving whenshipping by sea. However, this process is slow and complex to organize.Should you require sea freight, we can assist you and make the process aseasy for you as possible.

For further details of any of the above, please discusswith me in reference to your order or order requirement.

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More Payment Options

We want to make payments easier for you.

  • We're currently working on an automatic credit system so you don't haveto make lots of payments when you are creating multiple dropship orders. Fornow if you would like us to hold credit for you (to save you time in thecheckout /Paypal) please let me know, and we'll dothis for you manually. It saves you time on multiple shipments, and means wecan send you samples of new products faster.
  • If you require payment terms for larger orders, we can arrange this.Additionally, we can participate in a Letter of Credit arrangement to offeryou total security in larger orders.
  • Coming up in 2009: more credit card payment options (not only Paypal) +local bank transfer options in the USA and EU. Watch this space.

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