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iPhone - Looking for iPhones at Chinavasion?

Were you searching for an iPhone, aPhone or iFone?

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Chinavasion doesn't sell iPhones* - but neither does anyone else in China...Read more on this page to learn about the alternatives in the world of Chinaconsumer electronics....

The "iPhone" is a product made by Apple*, and unlessyou're an authorized distributor in your local market, you won't be able to buyit wholesale. Apple sells direct to end consumers. Anyone claiming to sell you agenuine iPhone from China is one of the following: (a) reselling you a productwhich they bought retail in their local market (pointless and may cause regionalsettings problems); (b) selling you an outright fake; (c) just scamming you andtaking your money in return for nothing. So please avoid the scams and the greymarket and don't try to buy genuine iPhones (or indeed other genuiine big brandproducts) from China.... China is for sourcing smaller brands and new, specialunbranded OEM devices!

Are you looking for a Touchscreen Smartphone?

3G Android Smartphone   Windows SmartPhone   WiFi Touchscreen Cell Phone

Are you looking foriPhone-compatible accessories?

Solar Battery Charger for iPhones   USB Multi-Adapter for iPhones   iPhone and iPod Car Charger and Holder

We often receive emails from customers asking us to carry the iPhone orimitation/knockoffstyle Cheap Mobiles like the "Hiphone", "Sciphone" For everyone's benefit, we want to explain the benefits andrisks of sourcing Wholesale China Mobile Phones.

Lets start with actual customer questions sent toChinavasion...

(Jose da Silva, Jose5****@uol.com.br)
Dear Chinavasion, when are you going to start carrying some iPads and iPhones?

(Larry Smith, merlin****@gmail.com)
Hey, do you have any iPhones or other Apple brand products for sale?

Thank you for visiting our website. Here are the answers to your questions:

Genuine iPhones and iPads are in fact made in China, but distributed only byApple. Apple products are sold here in China at the same price you can buy themin your own country. There are no "back channels" or "secret wholesale sources"here in Shenzhen for genuine Apple products. Any cheap iPhone or iPad you seeadvertised on a China Electronics website is a fake, simple as that.

Special Warning - there are many scammers on the internet, especially on B2Bsites such as alibaba.com. Many are pretending to sell genuine Apple iPads andiPhones at half the price of the real thing. They are only hoping to cheat you.They will not send you anything or if you are very lucky then they will send you apoor quality knock-off. But you will never receive the real thing!

(Jean Dupont, Jeanmdx****@wanadoo.fr)
I understand that you guys are not selling iPhones, but how about carrying some of those "highPhones","SciPhones", or other same style cell phones?

Since you have your own webshop, you may not realize that some ecommercewebsites frown upon products that are obvious copies of well known brandedproducts. If you were to list an exact iPhone style product, it may quickly betaken down, or worse, it might expose you to negative legal actions from Apple.Why take that risk when there are plenty of good Chinese made TouchscreenMobile Phones and Android OS based Smartphones that will not getyou into any trouble?

(Jan de Vries, jand****@hotmail.com)
So what kind of good China Mobile Phones do you have at chinavasion.com?

Chinavasion carries a very wide selection of original design China Mobiles thathave popular features, include easy to use touchscreen icon style menus, comewith our famous no-hassle 12-month warranty, and are stocked in our warehousefor immediate express shipment. These iPhone alternates include such popularfeatures as

Dual SIMQuadband GSMUnlockedSMS and MMS
Dual SIMQuadband GSMUnlockedSMS and MMS
Powerful AntennaHandwritingTVFactory-direct Price
Powerful AntennaHandwritingTVFactory-direct Price

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*"Apple" and "iPhone" are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S.and other countries. The illustrated products and our company are not affiliatedwith Apple Inc. or endorsed by them in any way.

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