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How To Pay For Your Chinavasion.com Orders

Thank you for ordering from Chinavasion!

This page explains about payment methods currently offered by Chinavasion.

Chinavasion accepts the following payment methods:


Paypal is a Payment processor owned by eBay, and it's the world'sbiggest and most trusted online payment system. Paypal is used andtrusted by millions of eBay shoppers and other ecommerce buyersworldwide.

For users in most countries, you can pay using your credit card through Paypal.

It's easy to use and secure, as well as offering you strong customer protection.

Click to find out more about Paypal payments.

Paypal is suitable for any kind of purchase at Chinavasion.com, up to a limit of USD $3000 for most countries. Read more notes about Paypal here.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is a way to send money internationally from one bank account directly to another. It is also known as bank draft, international transfer, and telegraphic transfer (T/T).

Download Printable PDF of Bank Transfer Instructions Now.
Most banks will allow you to send an international bank transfer fromyour account, although they may not provide information publically aboutthis procedure.

If your bank does not offer an online bank transfer service or phone bankingoption, you may have to go to your bank in person andsign papers to authorize the transfer.

To make the transfer, you will have to supplyfull details of Chinavasion's bank account, and a reference for yourorder number so we can match your payment to your order. Print your order fromthe Chinavasion website and use the PDF above for the Chinavasion bank detail.

In certainbanks/countries it is obligatory to provide an invoice for the purchase,and in most casesa printout from your Chinavasion account will suffice.

Depending on your bank and your country, the bank transfer may take 1-10working days to complete: you can request details about timing fromyour bank. You can find full details ofhow to send payment to Chinavasion via Bank Transfer here.Bank Transfer is generally suitable for medium and larger purchases.

Please note your bank may charge you fees for the transfer andthese charges are your responsibility. You should instruct your bank that youwill pay all the fees at the origin.

Credit Card

You can use your VISA or MasterCard credit card to make payment for your order at Chinavasion website.

Credit Card payment processor that we use secures safest way to make purchase; Credit Card Payment Channel uses the latest Encryption Technology of 128 bit SSL encryption with the highest security level to prevent the unauthorized interception of customer’s information against the transferring through the Internet.

For more details how to use Credit Card as payment option please Click here!

CHINAVASION Credit Balance

If you have any remaining Chinavasion credit left in your Chinavasion account balance, you can use it to make full or partial payment for your order at Chinavasion web site.

Please see instructions how to use your Chinavasion credit : Place a new order. You can select any item you wish from www.chinavasion.com

* If your credit is sufficient, your order will be successfully paid and placed right away.
* If your credit is not sufficient, the difference will be charged at the check-out. As usual, you can pay for this amount by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank transfer. You can follow our checkout system to complete the additional payment.
* After the additional payment has been received, your order will be processed immediately.

Unpaid Orders

After you complete an order on Chinavasion.com you can pay for thegoods and get the order processed within a three week period. (If priceshave changed we reserve the right to request that you make an order atup-to-date rates.)

You can see the details of all your completed orders in your Chinavasion.com account:

  • If you chose Bank Transfer in the Chinavasion.com checkout, and you now want to pay by Paypal,please start again and choose Paypal in the checkout.
  • If Paypal is not available in your online checkout, only bank transfer,that means that there is a limitation in force depending on your ordervalue, destination country, and account status. If Paypal is not displayedas an option, please use Bank Transfer.
  • If you chose Paypal in the Chinavasion.com checkout, and you still want to pay by Paypal: Go to your Chinavasion.com account select the order you want to pay and click “ Paypal click here to pay”

  • If you chose Paypal in the Chinavasion.com checkout, and you now want topay by Bank Transfer, you may do so via the normal Bank Transfer processdescribed above, with no need to notify Customer Support in advance.
  • If you do not want to pay for any order, you can just ignore it andit will automatically expire after 21 days. Or you can expire yourunpaid order by clicking the button "CANCEL THIS ORDER":

Other Payment Methods

Chinavasion currently does not offer standard customer accounts any otherpayment methods than the Paypal and Bank Transfer options listed above.

We do not accept Western Union, Moneygram, Cheque, or money orders.

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