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What Is A "Gravatar" ?

A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quitesimply a personal profile image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your namewhen you do things.

When you post reviews or blog comments at Chinavasion.com, your coolpersonal picture will appear to identify you. Once you've set it up, you'lldiscover your picture automatically following you at millions of other blogs andwebsites, wherever you post comments or content with the same email address.

It's secure, private, customizable, and totally free!


Matt MAlexAndy SAndy PBarryDemitriousDonnchaHailinJosephLloydMarkMayaMikeMatt TNickNickolayRaananRyanSamToniAnthonyNoriykoNoelMichaelSheriGianLizAnneJoséJonEoinAustinDougIsaacMike KLennyThorstenAndrewMike PHeatherHanniJaneJose FontainhasBeau Lebens
Examples of Gravatars - you can set any image as your profile image,
and it automatically appears to match your account email address onGravatar-enabled sites.


How do I get a gravatar?

Signing up for a gravatar.com account is FREE, and allthat's required is your email address. Once you've signed up you can upload youravatar image and soon after you'll start seeing it on gravatar enabled sites!

»Setup your personal Gravatar Picture FREE now!

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