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Your Chinavasion Discount Level

There are five discount levels for Chinavasion buyer accounts. When you signup you automatically start in the first level, and as you make more orders overtime, you will level up and your discounts will get better.

Your level increases automatically depending on  your account's lifetimetotal order expenditure. After you reach a level there is no obligation tomaintain a certain sales level: you will keep your latest level until you levelup.

The system is designed to give discounts quickly to returningwholesale-quantity buyers, and to credit long term drop-shippers for theirongoing business. Some customers reach Platinum level after just one bulk order.Others take over a year of steadily making single item dropship sales to reachthat level.


How It Works

Each discount level enables you to get one step lower pricing from thequantity price breaks. It's best explained by checking the pricing examplesbelow.

The discounts system works regardless of the type of order you make, yourpayment currency, or your order frequency.

It also doesn't matter which products you buy. You could gain levels frombuying and reselling Cell Phones, for example, and when you level up yourdiscounts will apply to all other products, making it easier for you to branchout into other hot product areas such as Car DVD Players.


Standard Level

Chinavasion Authorized Reseller

This is the discount level that is available to all new customers whoregister at Chinavasion.com

The advantages you get over resale buyers are:

  • Your own account that stores your order details and delivery addressbook.
  • See all quantity break pricing after logging in.
  • Authorization to sell products, either re-selling from your own stock orvia drop-shipping.

From your first delivered order onwards, we'll be keeping track of your totalaccount order history and we'll upgrade your account when you reach enoughsales.


After you are logged in, you can see all the quantity price breaks:

Here is an example Chinavasion product. To the right of the product picturesyou can see the quantity price breaks.

As you can see, if you buy just 1 piece, your price is $303.97


If you buy 2 pieces, in this example you already enter the first quantityprice break. Instead of paying $303.97 per piece you pay $281.81 per piece.


The next quantity price break is 5 pieces. When buying 5 or 6 pieces yourper-piece price is $279.65


The maximum quantity price break on this product occurs at 15 pieces. Herewe are adding 16pcs to the cart and so we get the lowest possible discountprice of $267.49 per piece.


Second Level

Chinavasion Bronze Reseller

Required total lifetime orders: $999.00 USD

As you can see in the example, Bronze Resellers get the first discount pricebreak early. Instead of having to buy 2pcs to get the $291.81 quantity pricebreak, you get it on the single piece as well.

This discount applies across all products on Chinavasion. You get the firstquantity price break, but without having to buy any quantity!

Third Level

Chinavasion Silver Reseller

Required total lifetime orders: $4,999.00 USD

The second quantity price break is applied to all quantities below that. Youget the 5pcs price on just 1pc.

Fourth Level

Chinavasion Gold Power Seller

With your Gold Power Seller level you can take advantage of discountedpricing on the first four quantity levels:

As a Gold Power Seller, your orders will be picked and sent out before ordersby customers at lower levels.

Top Level

Chinavasion Platinum Power Seller

Platinum Power Sellers are the VIPs of Chinavasion. You have a personalaccount manager who is personally responsible for supervising all of yourorders, as well as responding to any question you may have, as a matter ofpriority. You have a direct support phone number and email address for youraccount manager.

Your pricing looks like this, you get great quantity pricing on all smallquantities:

Frequently Asked Questions About Discount Levels

  • "Are the prices I see after logging in, the real prices?"
    Yes, the prices you see are the prices you pay. Add to cart and begin thecheckout process to preview shipping options and pricing.
  • "What level am I?"
    To see your level and how far you have to go before levelling up again,login and check the banner at the top of your My Account page.
  • "I made a new order but it didn't count towards my total!"
    Your orders only count towards your lifetime order total after they aredelivered to you. Processing orders are not counted until after they aredelivered.
  • "Can I pay to get to a higher level?"
    Currently not.
  • "Can I get even lower discounts than this?"
    Yes, you can if the quantity you are buying in one order exceeds 300pcs - inwhich case contact us for a special quotation.






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