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More Places To Connect With Chinavasion On The Web

Social Media And Places You Can Connect With Chinavasion!

You can use the buttons in the header of the Chinavasion shop to share and like anything you find here!

Chinavasion on Facebook

Chinavasion onFacebook


  • Join in discussions with other fans of Chinavasion
  • Share cool gadgets you've discovered
  • Ask questions and give your ideas!

Chinavasion on Twitter

Chinavasion on Twitter


  • Stay up to date with key announcements and interesting gadgets
  • Reply @ us, RT, and discover similar tweets on popular #gadgets


Chinavasion also has other Twitter accounts to act as 'feeds' for you to get useful product information on time:

Chinavasion Blog

Chinavasion Blog


  • Official announcements for customers
  • Useful product knowledge
  • Interesting gadget and China news!

Chinavasion on LinkedIn


  • Nobody really knows what Linkedin is for
  • But it is cool and we are on there
  • And quite a good way for B2B contacts to get in touch with our top management!

Chinavasion on Google Plus


  • Google+ is like Facebook, except less drunk and less popular; basically it is the geek at the back of the class who will grow up to be your boss
  • So better get in there and follow our updates so you can polish your awesome Social Media Early Adopter credentials!
Find us on Google+

Chinavasion Official Google Group


  • Google Groups is a combination of a forum and a mail group: We have dedicated this to public Q&A with Chinavasion customers - ask whatever you want and get a public response from official Chinavasion Customer Support, or from other members of the gadget community!


Rose Li on Pinterest - see pins of our best photos!

Pins of Chinavasion pics - see all the images pinned by everyone


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