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Baby Cry Analyzer - Crying Analyser Parental Aid

Product code: CVFR-H08
Baby Cry Analyzer - Crying Analyser Parental Aid
Baby Cry Analyzer - Crying Analyser Parental Aid
New high-tech electronic baby cry analyzer for aiding new and old parents alike in helping keep their baby happy and healthy.

Has the wife left you at home with your new little baby and you just cannot figure out why junior is crying? Trying to figure out the perfect gift to give at the upcoming baby shower your best friend is having next week? Well then have we got the answer for you! This new technical marvel can digitally analyze any baby's crying and then give you the answer in a simple to understand graphic. It will even give you suggestions on how to make things better!

How does it work? The unit works by analyzing the baby's crying power, frequencies of cry, intervals between crying, and associates the baby's cry with an established pattern programmed into the unit. After a 20 second period of analysis it shows the result in a clear and precise way - by illuminating one of the 5 simple facial graphics. This is a great tool for helping care-givers to better take care of the baby.

By supplementing an adults natural ability to understand their baby's needs, the baby cry analyser can provide help in recognizing the messages that our babies convey to us. Sure to be a great seller and an instant classic in our range, add it to your store's product portfolio and start selling it immediately or simply order one for yourself to see how good it really is. As you know, we carefully select only the finest modern export electronics for sale on our site. And when it comes to home use devices, we only offer a limited selection because we choose to only carry those products of the highest quality that we would recommend to our friends and family. Rest assured, this is a product you can proudly re-sell to others with full confidence in its quality.

At a Glance...
  • Electronic digital baby cry analyzer for aiding parents and baby care givers.
  • Useful for a multitude of baby care situations, from first time parents, baby sitters, caring relatives, etc.
  • Portable; can be easily carried around or set up on a cradle or nearby table.
  • The CVFR-H08 is designed for worldwide use.


China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: Baby cry analyser for assisting in the care of young babies
  • Recommended Age Bracket: 0-12 months old
  • Display: 5 red LED indicators and graphic symptom faces
  • Detection Categories
    - Hungry
    - Bored
    - Sleepy
    - Annoyed/Uncomfortable
    - Stressed
  • Power: 4x AA batteries
  • Certification: CE, CCC
  • Dimensions: 145 mm x 90 mm x 40 mm (H x W x D)
  • Manufacturer Ref: A7708DFCEEE9
  • Catalog Ref: Baby home medical device

Other Notes

  • By properly using the baby cry analyzer your learning and understanding process of the babies needs will be speeded up, thereby allowing parents to have more time to enjoy with their baby
  • The cry of inconsolable babies is one of the first tests parents go through and it is very important to know what is happening to your baby as soon as possible in order to calm them down and give them what they need
  • It has also been shown that dedication and attention from parents towards the needs of their baby early on directly relates to the intelligence of that child

Package Contents:

  • Model CVFR-H08 Baby Cry Analyzer
  • Retail packaging
  • Detailed instruction manual (English)

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Baby Cry Analyzer - Crying Analyser Parental Aid
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Date Launched: Feb 13 2009
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