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PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Time Adjustable Detector for Floodlight

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PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Time Adjustable Detector for Floodlight
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PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Time Adjustable Detector for Floodlight
PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Time Adjustable Detector for Floodlight

The human body sensor adopts pyroelectric infrared technology, built-in human body infrared sensor module, light effect sensor module, and delay switch module.

Adopt industrial district-level chip, with large load capacity and strong anti-interference ability.

When a person enters the sensing range, it can be automatically turned on, and after a person leaves, it can be automatically turned off after a delay.



Item type: sensor

This eliminates the artificial waste of conventional lamps that are turned on or turned off by no one, prolongs the service life of the lamps, and integrates energy saving, convenience and environmental protection.
It can automatically identify day and night, and the external environment illuminance at the beginning of work can be freely selected, so that it can work automatically at night and turn off during the day. Users can adjust by themselves;
The detection distance is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the place of use;
The light on time is adjustable, which can be adjusted by the user according to local conditions.
1) LUX
Is to regulate day or night work.
A: When adjusted to the sun position, the sensor works all day;
B: When the position of the moon is adjusted, the sensor does not work during the day, and automatically enters the working state at night.
It is to adjust the delay time of the sensor (10u00b12sec~7u00b11min)
Delay time refers to the time for the sensor to delay closing after the person leaves the sensing area after the sensor senses a person.
Is to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Generally, no adjustment is required. If the induction is too strong and cause the constant light, you can adjust the sensitivity to the minimum position.
u3010The main technical parametersu3011
Detection range: 180u00b0Working voltage: AC85V~260V (Various voltages and low voltage direct/AC can be customized)
Detection distance: maximum 10m (24u2103) (adjustable) delay time: 15 seconds to 6 minutes (adjustable)
Ambient illumination: 2 ~ 2000LUX (adjustable) Working temperature: -10u2103~ +40u2103 Working humidity: less than 93% RH Installation height: 1.8m ~ 2.5m
Material: ABS Dimensions: 60*45*160mm Installation: Open type, (opening 16 12 10 mm) when installing, the adjusting button faces downward

Packing list:

1 x sensor


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Date Launched: Sep 07 2020
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