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CeeMart Worlds Smallest Solar Powered Car

Product code: LJNBK0000002

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CeeMart Worlds Smallest Solar Powered Car
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CeeMart Worlds Smallest Solar Powered Car
CeeMart Worlds Smallest Solar Powered Car
CeeMart Worlds Smallest Solar Powered Car.
Key Features The super mini car / locust toys are powered by eco-friendly solar energy. Small but powerful with four wheels, solar energy panel and micro motor.

Amaze your kids and teach them all about solar power at the same time with the World's Smallest Solar Powered Car. About the size of the lid from a soda bottle, the toy is a real working vehicle. Outfitted with a solar cell, the 2.4-centimeter by 2.1-centimeter vehicle will go quickly when placed in direct sunlight and stop moving when it reaches the shade. Operated completely without batteries, the car is equipped with a tiny solar cell that transforms the powerful energy of the sun into dynamic energy to move the car's motor. Your kids will love experimenting with the vehicle, making it the perfect toy for fostering an early love of science.
The world¡¯s smallest solar powered car is small enough to go anywhere with a nice little carrying container. This cool little car needs no batteries, just power from the sun. This is a fun and educational way to learn about solar power. The solar cell generates electricity from sunshine that drives a miniature motor that turns the wheels. Your children can learn solar generation theory and how solar is transferred to be dynamic energy.
- Ultra small solar powered moving car
- Great toy and education tool for children Specifications
  • Color Black,
  • Dimensions (cm) 10 x 6.7 x 2,
  • Weight (kg) 0.003,
  • Package: 1PCS CeeMart World's Smallest Solar Powered Car.
    Date Launched: Jul 21 2020
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