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Complete Electronic Cigarette Kit with Stripe Case

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Product code: CVFA-H47-Stripe
Electronic Cigarette Kit
Electronic Cigarette Kit
Avg Customer Rating:
This complete electronic cigarette kit includes an electronic cigarette stick, three nicotine cartridges and a USB charger... all housed in a handsome cigarette case for on-the-go smoking in style!

Whether you're looking to quit smoking or you have been a ecigarette smoker all along, this kit is our best bet yet for an ecigarette experience like no other.

It's so easy to use. Take a puff and experience the same pleasure which normal smoking brings. Each nicotine cartridge is the smoking equivalent of roughly 30 normal cigarettes. When the ecigarette runs out of power, simply charge it in your PC's USB port. When the nicotine cartridge is used up, simply screw on a full cartridge. It's that easy!

This complete ecigarette kit is perfect for office workers, police officers, teachers, and anyone else for whom smoking traditional cigarettes isn't convenient.

Picture this: You're in the middle of teaching sixth period English. The craving for nicotine is overpowering strong. You assign your students pages 26-30 from George Orwell's 1984 and excuse yourself to the bathroom where you take a few puffs of your ecigarette. There's no smoke or smell. Just pure smoking pleasure. You return to the class feeling refreshed and alive just as the class is finished reading.

Order this item today and we'll ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by the online ecigarette specialists - Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

  • No smoke or strong smells
  • Nicotine for smoking pleasure
  • Satisfies the strongest cravings!
  • Tastes like real cigarettes!
  • No cancerous tar


Manufacturer Specifications

  • E-Cigarette Components (stainless steel design):
    - ecigarette stick
    - pure liquid nicotine cartridge
  • Cartridge Duration: 400 mouthfuls of smoking (Approx 30 cigarettes)
  • Power source: Rechargeable built-in Lithium-ion (LI-ION) battery
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours
  • Dimension: 82 (L) x 9.3 (Diameter) mm

Product Notes

  • Note: In certain countries this may be considered a medical product by Customs. Before purchasing this item, please check your local laws and import restrictions for this type of device.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar or other carcinogenic substances.
  • They are safer than normal cigarettes since no second hand smoke is produced.
  • Unlike normal cigarettes, you can take 2-3 puffs to satisfy your cravings. There is no need to finish an entire cigarette.
  • Not a fire hazard like regular cigarettes.
  • Need refills for your electronic cigarette? Try the CVFA-H10-Refill refill pack!

Package Contents

  • eCigarette Stick
  • x2 Nicotine Cartridges
  • USB Charger
  • Stripe Case
  • User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I import these into my country?
    It is best to check with the customs department of your country for the correct answer. We may be able to offer alternate labeling on our shipments if it makes it more convenient for you to ship this product into your region.
  • Is the e-cigarette safe to smoke around my children?
    This e-cigarette produces vapors not smoke. It's definitely safer since there's no tar involved. You could probably get away with smoking these at work. ;) I do.

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Customer Reviews(2)

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5 star rating 5 star rating 5 star rating 5 star rating 5 star rating  
Complete Electronic Cigarette Kit with Stripe Case
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Function/Performancestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
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product charming and prestigious

product with the look of a charming and prestigious
do not bother if taken away

Good value

Good packaging, very nice case. Good for present. But it would be nice if the paperbox in plain white or black.

Date Launched: Sep 21 2011
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