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Car Wireless Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Aux Audio Stereo Music 3.5mm Output Home Audio Adapter Black

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Car Wireless Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Aux Audio Stereo Music 3.5mm Output
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Car Wireless Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Aux Audio Stereo Music 3.5mm Output
Car Wireless Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Aux Audio Stereo Music 3.5mm Output
  • --Use this Bluetooth-compatible receiver to connect the 3.5mm headphone jack to make the earphones a wireless Bluetooth-compatible earphone.
  • --Use the latest Bluetooth-compatible chip v5.0.
  • --High sensitivity microphone to ensure high quality calls.
  • --Efforts to cancel chip integration.
  • --Innovative bullet design. Wide range of applications, such as cars, speakers, headphones, etc..
  • --Use this wireless receiver adapter to listen to music, phone calls and GPS while driving.


1. Make your speaker a Bluetooth-compatible speaker in just one second.
2. Small and exquisite special nerves bring you a new audio-visual feast.

Product Name: Bluetooth-compatible Music Receiver
Technical parameters:
Support Bluetooth-compatible A2DP audio music playback
Support Bluetooth-compatible handsfree call function
Working time: up to 5 hours standby energy saving
Frequency response: 20Hz-15Khz
Bluetooth-compatible version: v2.1
Bluetooth-compatible transmission distance: 10m
Bluetooth-compatible frequency: 2.4GHz
Power charging: 5V, 500mA
Charging instructions:
It is recommended to fully charge the battery before first use.
1. Connect one end of the USB cable provided to the mini USB input interface of this Bluetooth-compatible music receiver;
2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer, laptop or USB charging interface with 5V output. At this time, the LED light of the Bluetooth-compatible music receiver turns red, indicating that it is charging. The red light is off and the blue light is always on when the battery is fully charged.
Bluetooth-compatible operating instructions
Bluetooth-compatible pairing connection
1. Press and hold the button on the music receiver for 1 second, and Bluetooth-compatible will enter the ready pairing state. Turn on the Bluetooth-compatible function of the phone, and the phone will search for the device name "H-011" of this product.
2. Select "H-011" and connect it. Some mobile phones will ask for the connection password of "0000".
3. After the connection, the phone will display "H-011" connected, At this time, you can perform various operations (just briefly press the power on button for 1 second when starting up next time, and let go when the blue light is on, and the Bluetooth-compatible receiver will automatically connect to the mobile phone. The Bluetooth-compatible receiver can only connect to one mobile phone at the same time. When you need to connect to another mobile phone, you need to directly long press the power off button for 3 seconds to enter the ready pairing state. At this time, you can search and connect with another mobile phone).
4. Once the pairing is successful, turn off the power supply of the device, and it will be automatically reconnected at the next boot, without having to manually pair again; For iPhone, click Connect after the device is turned on again.
5. Play mobile music (A2DP mode).
6. After the connection is completed, play the music in the mobile phone. You can connect all the sounds broadcast in the mobile phone to the car audio device through the audio cable and play them out from the car audio (such as: mobile phone music, Bluetooth-compatible call, mobile navigation broadcast sound...). Please follow the steps below:
1) Plug the Bluetooth-compatible music receiver into the AUX input port of your home stereo or car stereo device;
2) Please confirm that the transmitter (Bluetooth-compatible audio receiver, mobile phone or other related devices) has been turned on and paired with the Bluetooth-compatible music receiver, and the device is within 10m;
3) The LED on the Bluetooth-compatible audio receiver turns blue and flashes slowly, indicating that the connection is successful;
4) At this time, the music will be transmitted to the Bluetooth-compatible music receiver through Bluetooth-compatible wireless, allowing you to enjoy the music.
Note: If you can't listen to music normally
A) Please ensure that your stereo system is connected to the Bluetooth-compatible receiver;
B) Check and make sure your audio volume is set to minimum or muted.
Bluetooth-compatible call:
1. When your mobile phone uses a Bluetooth-compatible microphone by default, you can use your own MIC to realize hands-free call when there is a phone connection;
2. When the phone calls, press the On key once to answer the voice call, and then press to end the call;
3. After the call is completed, it automatically switches to the previous state of the phone;
4. After disconnecting from the Bluetooth-compatible device, the Bluetooth-compatible receiver will automatically shut down 5 minutes later.
The connection of the Bluetooth-compatible music receiver is based on the completion of pairing. The connection may be interrupted due to the following reasons:
A. The spacing of equipment exceeds 33 feet (10 meters), or there are other obstacles in the middle (such as walls, furniture, etc.);
b. One or both of them have been turned off, which may also be due to power failure;
c. If the connection is not made within the specified time, the device will automatically shut down after timeout when there is no connection within 5 minutes, and then restart the device to reconnect. Follow these steps:
1. Restart the music receiver and transmitter;
2. Reconnect and pair after restart;
3. Power up the music receiver and transmitter again.
Product introduction
This product is a Bluetooth-compatible music receiver (hands-free), which is a high-tech wireless product that can receive music from mobile phones or Bluetooth-compatible enabled transmitters. This music receiver can be used for almost all audio receivers with input plugs, including car audio devices. You can listen to the music received from your smartphone and MP3 in the home stereo or in the car audio system, and enjoy the premium car music and call solutions. Use your smartphone to make calls and listen to music through the car stereo. One click for handsfree calls, music stored in your phone, and even Internet radio. The product has an embedded echo cancellation microphone. Switch between music and phone with one button.
Packing list:
1 x Bluetooth-compatible Music Receiver
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Instructions
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error. Make sure you don't mind before bidding.
2. Due to the difference of different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the product. Thanks.


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Car Wireless Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Aux Audio Stereo Music 3.5mm Output Home Audio Adapter Black
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Date Launched: Nov 07 2022
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