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Heating Resistance Coil for E Cigarette Large Smog

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Heating Resistance Coil for E Cigarette Large Smog
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Heating Resistance Coil for E Cigarette Large Smog
Heating Resistance Coil for E Cigarette Large Smog
$5.87  $8.32 

Top-ranking machine firing, heating silk material is very good.

Silk foot conventional left, right and bottom, the market atomizer is universal.

Heating cable is ferritic ferritic - chromium - aluminum alloy (FeCrAl alloy), applicable temperature up to 1400°C (2550°F).

High resistivity and excellent oxidation resistance.

Typical applications of heating cables are electrical heating elements in high temperature furnaces for heat treatment of ceramics, glass, steel and electronic equipment.



Item type: tool

Quantity :100 pieces/box
Accessories: electronic cigarette heating wire
Specification: A1/3.0/20 g/single circle diameter 0.2Ohm, A1/3.0/22 g/single circle diameter 0.35Ohm, A1/3.0/24 g/single circle diameter 0.5Ohm, A1/3.0/26 g/single circle diameter 0.9Ohm, A1/3.0/28 g/single circle diameter 1.2Ohm, A1/3.0/30 g/single circle diameter 1.5Ohm

Package includes:

100Pcs Heating Resistance Coil

Note: the resistance value is only calculated before the wire is loaded. There will not be a big difference in the conventional wire loading method. However, the wire loading method of individual atomizer and the length of reserved wire foot are different, so the resistance value will have errors.

Date Launched: Jul 17 2020
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