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Wholesale Wearable Devices From China

Are you ready for the next big thing? If so, you are at the right category full of innovative wearable devices! Browse our smart watches, video glasses, bracelets and other wearable gadgets. Pick your favorite and be ready wear and impress with Chinavasion's wearable technology.

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3D Video Glasses for PC - Nebula
$373.12  $414.16 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Portable Video Glasses
$166.21  $194.46 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
3D Video Glasses for PC - Nebula
$373.12  $414.16 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Virtual Private Theater Glasses
$95.65  $119.57 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
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Wearable Tech Devices

Wearable tech is making lots of noise these days as they are transforming electronics from simple tools to something that feels like an extension of you. Just to manage your expectations, they won't make you Robocop, but it does make you feel like you have gained a few superpowers as you wear them.

Why Wearable Technology?

A few years ago most tech lovers still regarded wearable technology as simple gadgets that are nice to have. Geeks liked to own one and show them off to their friends. However, the main stream electronics user found them unnecessary and were watching their pockets. Not anymore, wearable tech is leapfrogging technological advances and will soon be considered a major tech category. What's more? Chinavasion is making them affordable by offering them directly from quality factories in China.

Best Smartwatch: Wearable Tech 2014

It's hard to say what are the best wearable tech devices, because what is the best wearable device for you might not be the best for others. It's safe to say thought that the best selling wearable devices at the moment are smart watches and bracelets as they are easily worn around your wrist.

The Next Big Thing: Smart Wearable Tech

What makes wearable tech so popular is besides the convenience of wearing them is because they are smart. Smart wearable tech is powered with the latest features such as Android OS, high megapixel cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi and even 3G calling.

The Future of Wearable Electronics & Gadgets

So what can we expect in the future when it comes to wearable technology gadgets? In the coming months and years you will see wearable devices beyond smart watches and bracelets. More and more manufacturers in China will produce different categories of wearable tech such as clothing, jewelry and wearable cameras. Stay tuned and make sure to visit Chinavasion often for the latest and the best wearable tech!

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