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Vape Kits

Vape kits and pen vape starter kit products provide everything you need to start vaping. Whether you're new to vaping or just looking for a new vape setup we offer the best vape pen kits, vape mod kits, and e cigarette starter kits at wholesale prices.

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Vape Kits

A vape starter kit offers an easy entry for smokers and first-time e-cig users looking to try out vaping. There are even more advanced vape kits and sub-ohm vapes for converted and experienced vapers who are looking for a better performing kit or to upgrade to a more advanced system.

The reason vaping kits and starter kits are so popular is because they offer a one click vape packages that make it a breeze to get started vaping. The best vaping kits include mod, tank, atomizer, coil, drip tip, and batteries so have basically everything you need, besides the ejuice, for a satisfying vaping experience.

While all the vape components such as atomizer, mod, coil, batteries, and tanks can be purchased separately the range of options can be a little overwhelming, especially for those who are new to vaping, and requires a bit of research to ensure the best for your needs. This makes the one click vape starter kit a desirable option for beginners and ensures that everything you buy will fit and work together.

WV/VV or TC Vape

There are several kinds of vaporizers and box mod kits with a range of features to choose from. The main functions such as VV/VW (variable voltage/variable wattage) allow more advanced users the ability to adjust the power going to the atomizer coil, as such the user can regulate the vapor hit from a small smooth cloud to a tsunami of flavorsome vapor.

For the less experienced or beginners, there are TC (temperature controlled) vape kits and vape pen starter kits, these make vaping perfectly straightforward with nothing to worry about and perform everything you require at the touch of a button.

What Sort Of Vape Kit Should you Start With?

Firstly you should consider what sort of vape device you need. If you want to vape for long periods throughout the day then a box mod vaping kit with a large battery is probably ideal. The larger batteries on these mod kits mean they can be used with bigger tanks, the benefit being you won't need to recharge the battery to top up your eliquid as throughout the day.

Alternatively if you want to a smaller more discreet vape that can easily fit in your pocket and provide you with an alternative to smoking several cigarettes a day then a mini mod box or a vape pen will probably be a good fit. These are smaller and lighter and as such much more discreet. They generally have a smaller battery and lower wattage than the larger box mod vape kits with smaller tanks.

Sub-ohm Vapes

A sub-ohm vape kit are popular among vapers who like huge vapor clouds. To achieve this more liquid is needs to be burned so larger batteries and mods are used. Sub-ohm kits will have larger tanks, and the atomizers will feature more coils and burn at higher temperatures so you can turn more liquid into vapor in a shorter time.

Most sub-ohm kits will have spring loaded 510 threads which allow users to add and swap their own atomizers and mods as they so desire. The convenience however of buying a sub-ohm vape kit means that you don't have to figure out which atomizers are capable of handling the wattage of your mod, as they are made to work together. Additionally when you buy a kit consisting of several parts you will inevitably get a better price than purchasing all the items individually.

We are committed to providing quality products perfect for new and experienced vapers at wholesale prices. As such we stock the best vape kits to suit all requirements including brands such as Eleaf, Joyetech, Wismec, Kanger, Innokin, Sigelei, Smok, istick, and all other major brands. What's more with our fast global shipping you will be enjoying these products in next to no time.

If you have any questions about any of our vape kits, box mods or e-cig products don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team who are ready to help.

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