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We supply the best atomizers and clearomizers all selected for their superior quality. With RBA, RTA and RDA vape atomizers you can get the largest vapor clouds and enjoy a delicious flavor from your vaping MOD. Whichever tank you prefer we have the best atomizers for your needs.

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What is an Atomizer?

An atomizer is the most important part of any vape or e-cigarette. It uses a heating element to vaporize the e-liquid. Because we care about quality we only stock the finest atomizers including Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDA), Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RDA), and, Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers (RDA/RDTA). These will bring the best performance so you can enjoy a flavorsome vaping experience and impressive clouds.

What is an RBA Vape?

An RBA (rebuildable atomizer) is any atomizer with a rebuildable deck that the user can build by adding their own coils and wicks. RBAs come in these main types:

Rebuildable Tank atomizer (RTA), Rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) / Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA) and Genesis atomizers.

There is no shortage of designs that vary depending on the number of coils, layout, and airflow. However, one thing they have in common is the ability for the user to add and make their own coils. This type of e-cig atomizer requires a bit of knowledge and while they are not that complicated to use they are probably not for the beginner. The number one reason that these RBAs are becoming more popular is that they allow for greater control over flavor and vapor production. They are also easy to tinker with and make it quick to swap wicks and juice as many times as you like, simply by replacing the wick and juice.

All of these use a coil or multiple coils that can be purchased from a vape shop or made by the user. This is generally done by wrapping a wire around a rod so that if forms a spring-like shape. The user then trims the coil and adds it to the atomizer. They will also need to add a wick to transport the liquid to the coils where it is heated and turned into a vapor.

Vapers can choose between a variety of wire, Kanthal A1 is often chosen for use with mods that have a variable wattage (VW) mode. This is because it has a very stable resistance when heated. However, other types of wire like titanium and ni200 can be used in mods that have a temperature controlled (TC) mode. Stainless steel is another choice of wire for use in coils and can be used in VW or TC modes as it has a low variation in resistance when heated.

Wicks are needed in all of these atomizers to carry the vaping juice to the coils. While rayon and cotton are the most common wicking materials in RDA and RTA setups a stainless steel mesh rolled into a tube is generally used in Genesis atomizers.

What is an RTA?

This is a type of RBA with a deck and posts to mount coils. These are covered by a chamber and is itself then encased by a tank which works as a reservoir to hold the e-liquid. This tank supplies liquid to the deck via a channel. The wicks from the coils will sit into these channels and absorb the eliquid. The liquid is then drawn up the wicks to the coil(s) and then vaporized coming out of the chimney to the drip tip. The RTA relies on pressure and gravity to push the eliquid down in the tank where it runs up inside the chamber and into the wicking channels.

What is an RDA?

RDA stands for rebuildable drip atomizer or dripping atomizer. This type of atomizer has a negative and positive contact inside to which you can attach one or more coils. Once a wick is inserted into the coils and liquid added you can start vaping. Unlike RTAs, where the liquid runs from the tanks with the aid of gravity and pressure the RDAs have no tanks for the e-juice. They are designed for the e-liquid to be dripped from a bottle directly into the chamber with the coils. While RDAs are seen as the gold standard by cloud chasers they do have some obvious drawbacks for regular daily use as they continually need to be topped up.

A subset of RDAs are the RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer). These are sometimes referred to as auto-drippers and have a spring loaded pump to allow the ejuice to be manually pushed into the coil chamber without the need to stop vaping, remove the drip tip and add ejuice from the bottle.

Genesis Atomizers

Genesis atomizers used a tube made of a stainless steel mesh. This mesh was sat inside the coil and descended through the deck to a tank beneath from where it drew the ejuice. A newer version of these tanks is now appearing where the steel mesh has been replaced by a cotton wick. These are different from the RTAs as the cotton wick hangs into the tank rather than stops at a channel in the deck.

Mouth to Lung Vs Lung Hits

Current and ex-smokers will know exactly what a mouth hit is even if they have never heard of mouth to lung hits before. This type of inhaling is where the vapor is inhaled into the mouth, then breathed into the lungs and is essentially how smokers and vapers (when vaping started) inhaled from cigarettes and e-cigs.

As the vaping market matured and equipment got better vapers wanted to achieve larger plumes of vapor and ever bigger clouds. Vapers soon realized that by inhaling the vapor from their e-cigs direct into the lungs, without holding it in their mouths, they could maintain a steady airflow and achieve larger vapor clouds. This technique is known as a lung hit. In order to achieve this, the atomizer and tank need to have a good and controlled air flow. It is also better to user higher wattages to create more vapor, this is call sub ohm vaping or sub ohming.

Sub Ohm

If you want an atomizer that is capable of performing sub ohm vaping then you are in the right place. Just look for the resistance specification as listed on all our atomizer tanks, then head over to our Mods page for a high wattage mod. The benefits of sub ohm vaping are that you will be able to generate a bigger cloud and each puff will offer an intensive hit of flavor. For this you should have a basic understanding of Ohms law and coil building.

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