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Stylish Watch with Leather Strap (Surveillance DVR)

Stylish Watch with Leather Strap (Surveillance DVR)

Average Customer Rating: 5 star rating  based on 6 reviewsprice range: 60.55 - 57.75

Product code: CVSR-I02

Stylish Watch with Leather Strap (Surveillance DVR)

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Stylish Watch with Leather Strap (Surveillance DVR)
Stylish Watch with Leather Strap (Surveillance DVR)
Avg Customer Rating:5 star rating
Stylish watch with leather strap for surveillance video recording without anyone knowing. This new model comes with a beautifully textured leather strap that easily adjusts to fit your wrist comfortably.

With 8 GB's of built-in storage capacity, it has never been easier to record hours of surveillance in computer ready AVI format. This is the best way to record all your encounters, interviews, meetings and on the scene discussions without anyone knowing what you are doing. If you have ever had to spontaneously run into a meeting or had a sudden encounter with someone that just needed to be caught on camera, now you can instantly and secretively record that conversation for later review. This model offers you the chance to record both video and close range audio simultaneously. This is an elegent DVR " watch" solution for both ladies and gentlemen! The camera is beautifully disguised, no one will ever suspect being spied upon at all.

This " watch" type micro video camcorder is different than other models because of its full leather strap and sophisticated design that makes it look like a modest priced designer watch. This model works just like a real watch, and comes with accurate gear driven time in seconds, minutes, hours and a twisting crown for time adjustment.

Imagine the candid video with close range sound that you can take without anyone ever being the wiser, and proudly show off to your friends your new "designer" watch. Place your order today for one watch for yourself and then order in bulk for even greater wholesale savings that make this a high profit re-sale item for eBay, Amazon, or your own physical/internet store.

At a Glance...
  • watch surveillance audio and video recorder
  • Can also be used as an 8GB USB flash drive


China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: DVR Watch
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Video Record Format: AVI (352 x 288, 15FPS)
  • Recommended Video Range for Objects: up to 8 meters
  • Built-in MIC: YES
  • Recommended Audio Range for Objects: up to 3 meters
  • Power Source: Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery (recharge directly from USB port)
  • Battery Life for DVR: up to 2 hours (when full charged)
  • Battery Life for Watch: Quartz battery life up to 3 years
  • Watch Design:
    - Analog 12 hour display (hour, minute, second hands)
    - Metal, leather and glass construction
    - Time adjustment via crown
    - USB port
    - LED status indicator
  • Operating System Compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista (32 bit version only) , MAC OS compatible
  • Dimensions: Watch Face H:50 x W:35 x D:15 (mm); Watch strap is designed to adjust to most wrist sizes
  • Manufacturer Ref: C7CDE4CF606A
  • Catalog Ref: Portable Surveillance Video camera, Hidden Video and Audio Recorder

Product Notes

  • Looks very stylish will go well with both smart and casual wear
  • All round high quality leather and stainless steel material
  • Easy recording start and stop
  • Can also be used as portable USB flash drive

Package Contents

  • Model CVSR-I02 DVR Watch
  • Power Adapter (100-240V 50/60HZ)
  • User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this watch also record audio? YES
  • What is the best recommended range for audio recording? To record clear audio, the closer the better, works great for interviews, and records best within a range of 3 meters.
  • How do you know when you are recording? To record, hold down the button on the top left for 2 or 3 second, and you will notice a small green LED light indicating, that is when it is in recording mode.
  • How do I stop recording? Follow the same procedure as when you need to record, hold down the button on the top left and you will see the LED indicator flicker RED and switch off. You will have then stopped recording.
  • How many hours of footage can I store on the 8 GB's of flash memory? The camera wrist watch can store up to 14 hours of video with audio.

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Reviews for: (Stylish Watch with Leather Strap (Surveillance DVR))

Deliverystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Value for Moneystarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Packagingstarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Ease of Setup/Usestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5
Function/Performancestarrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5starrs 5

This watch is extremely well built. I ordered it and it same much faster than expected from China. I had asked that it be sent via FedEx. It was very sturdily wrapped and it took me some time to open it but it was worth it to have it arrive safely in my mitts. The video camera produces superb clarity and the audio in it is outstandingly crystal clear. I have yet to master the pointing of the watch. You have to practice looking inconspicuous as you maintain your forearm exactly level and twist your arm outward so that the camera is properly oriented to the subject you want to capture. I still have not mastered it completely but get better each day as I practice. I would have preferred that the camera not be inside the watch face itself but rather in the front end of the watch which could be pointed my precisely. I notice that all of the watches have them in the face, however, and maybe it is not possible technically to design one with the camera in the front! This watch tell good time and no one who sees it ever examines it closely or with suspicion. I have been practicing with it everywhere I go and not one person seemed to know. It was either four or five stars I was considering so I had to give it the complete five. The value for the money is excellent. Thanks Chinavasion and keep up the good work.

5 star ratingOut standing value

This is the second spy watch from chinavasion,the first one had to be returned due to a fault with the usb.I did like the chunky design of the other watch.
And when it worked it was very good.
But this spy watch is in a class of it's own.
The looks and design of this spy watch and wrist strap.makes it look and feel like a genuine classic watch.

It is very comfortable to wear.and easier to use(record button on the right facing side of the watch) Left side on the other watch.Also the camera lens is in a better position.

So on to the spy aspect of this watch.The video quality is awesome,audio is also really good too.
And don't forget it has massive 8gb storage,and simple file transfer via usb.
Well done chinavasion this a TINA TURNER(simply the best)

5 star ratinglove it

I just got divorced and already busted the ex for lieing to the court and unckle sam about how much she makes.So I'll be getting a raise from her soon. I haven't had it less than a day. She's looking at it and ask how can I afford an expance watch like that and that I never used to were a watch before. I said you were to cheap to buy me one so I went out and got one myself. She got pissed and said that monies for the kid's not for me to do what ever I wanted to do with it. I said it was my spouseal support and turned away and laugh all the way to my truck with my kid's. THANK CHANAVASION can't wait to get more stuff. My friends want one to and I'll be back for the cel. jammer

5 star ratingA lot of gadget for a small price!

This covert camera watch more than delivers what it promises. The image quality from the camera is excellent even under relatively low light. The sound recording is also very good. Operations is easy and there is absolutely nothing than would make anyone suspect that this watch is a camera. The watch shows up as an extra drive under Windows Vista and works like a charm.
A few things take getting used to such as positioning the watch in such a way that you capture what you want while it is on your wrist but this is a matter of trial and error.
The watch is nicely finished and the leather strap is of good quality. Excellent product once again!

5 star ratingBest Fathers Day Gift Ever!!!!

I received this as a gift today for Fathers Day from the Coolest Son anyone could hope to have!! This is actually a really good looking watch with the added feature of being able to record Video plus Audio, and something that surprised me even more was the fact that it recorded in color. I have seen other devices similar to this but they recorded in black and white, and no sound. So this is a really great "gadget" to have fun with. I would say thanks to Chinavasion, but this time I have to say thanks to my Son! =o)

Date Launched: Apr 07 2009
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