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Fortress - Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock


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Biometric Door Lock
Biometric Door Lock
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A tougher than Superman biometric finger print doorlock with advanced security features to keep your family and valuables safe. The Fortress Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock is an essential part of any comprehensive home security strategy!

Super Strength: The Fortress Biometric Fingerprint Doorlock is literally built like a fortress to safeguard your home. It is solidly constructed from heavy gauge zinc alloy and stainless steel for improved resistance to brute force attacks!

Super Intelligence: The brains behind The Fortress Biometric Fingerprint Doorlock is an advanced fingerprint processor which converts users' thermal patterns to digital ones and zeros for precise fingerprint identification and verification in under a second!

Super Wisdom: The Fortress is powered by a dual-channel redundant Lithium-Ion battery array where either of the two internal batteries can power The Fortress for up to 1000 operations. Together, that's 2000 operations or roughly 6-12 months of regular use. As an alternative to periodic charging, this kit also comes with a cable to hardwire the doorlock. Under such circumstances, the internal batteries serve as a backup fail-safe power system.

Super Versatility: The Fortress comes with a small LCD display which allows all programming and settings to be done at the lock with no external wiring or computer needed. Directly below the menu window is an innovative 4 button keypad system (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) which allows passcode input as an alternative to fingerprint entry.

Super Precision: The key to The Fortress' unparalleled pattern recognition success is its innovative matching algorithm. It can store up to 100 accounts. Each account centers around a given name, a passcode, and 5 sets of fingerprints. Each of the five sets contains 2 fingerprint scans. The five sets can be of the same finger (ensuring near zero false rejection rate (FRR) and false acceptance rate (FAR) or it can be of different fingers.

Super Convenience: Everything you need to install this super biometric fingerprint door lock is included, even a hole drill template. The user manual includes step by step instructions on the preparing and installation of The Fortress and the kit even includes an instructional DVD for those who'd rather see how it's done instead of reading about it.

Super Wholesaler: Brought to you by the number one trusted leader in direct from China wholesale biometric fingerprint solutions - Chinavasion.com

At a Glance...

  • Heavy Gauge and Zinc Alloy construction
  • Fingerprint scan and passcode entry methods
  • Innovative algorithm for increased pattern recognition
  • Dual-channel redundant internal battery arrays
  • Every needed for easy install out of the box!
  • Installs on LEFT and RIGHT handed doors
  • Also known as The Bioknob


Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: Industrial strength biometric fingerprint and passcode security door lock for home or office use
  • Primary Material: Heavy gauge stainless steel reinforced with zinc alloy surfaced with an electroplated gold finish
  • Fingerprint Sensor Type: Thermal Optic Scanner
  • Storage Capacity: 1000 fingerprints
  • Account Types: 2 (Administrator - 5 accounts, User - 95 accounts)
  • Unlock Modes: Fingerprint, Passcode
  • Suitable for the following door thicknesses:
    1 and 3/8 inches
    1 and 1/2 inches
    1 and 3/4 inches
  • False rejection rate (FRR): = 0.001%
  • False acceptance rate (FAR): = 0.00001%
  • Verification and Comparison Time: < 1 sec
  • Power Source:
    Dual Channel, redundant built-in Lithium Ion battery array
    Wall Adapter
    9V Battery
    Hardwire Cable for permanent power
  • Primary Controls/Indicators:
    - Menu Liquid Crystal Display
    - Four Button Key Pad
    - Unlocked/Locked Status LED
    - Access Sensors
    - 4 LED Indicators
    - Fingerprint Sensor
  • Menu System:
    Enroll User - Name, Fingerprint, New Password, Back, Enroll
    User Account - Add Finger, Erase Finger, Search User, Change Password, Delete User, Back, Select
    Date and Time - Time Settings, Date Settings, Back, Select
    Lock Settings - Auto Lock, Force Alarm, Security Level, Back, Select
    Systems Reset - Restart System, Factory Reset, Back, Select
    Logs - System Logs, Access Logs, Error Logs, Back, Select
  • Dimensions: See photo below
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Manufacturer Ref: TCH4IQWTMM7

Product Notes

  • If you're concerned about home security then this is the doorlock you've been looking for. Available only to builders or remodelers, The Fortress Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock keeps strangers and bad people out while allowing family members the convenience of keyless entry.
  • Users no longer have to carry keys, nor worry about losing or forgetting them. Families do not have to hide keys in the yard, nor maintain duplicate sets of keys. Most importantly, there is no danger of strangers finding nor stealing keys for unauthorized entry. Temporary visitors can have their fingerprints enrolled, then individually deleted, with no keys to be issued or returned.
  • The Fortress can be set to constant unlock for daytime use.
  • Comes with deadlock for anti-tampering or credit card hack-proofing.
  • In the event that the internal battery is completely out of power, for example, you've been away for several years, simply attach a 9V battery to the lock to power it up again
  • Known in the industry as "The Bioknob". Check out the prices and sell how Chinavasion sells it for less!

Package Contents

  • Fortress Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Universal Latch
  • Power Adapter
  • Strike Plate (Universal Home Standard Size)
  • Hardwiring Cable
  • 3 x PCI Boards
  • Screws
  • 9V Emergency Connector
  • Hole Drill Template
  • DVD Training Video

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a hacker break into the lock and steal the fingerprint images?
    No. There are no fingerprint images stored in the lock and no way to reconstruct pictures of a fingerprint from the data. The lock senses a thermal pattern from your finger and stores a template of minutia points that cannot be interpreted by any 3rd party.
  • Can a thief lift an image of a fingerprint off the sensor, then construct a fake finger that can open the lock?
    Unlike most other fingerprint devices using a small glass window where you position your finger, The Fortress has only a sensor strip which you stroke your finger across. The sensor strip converts the thermal pattern to encrypted data. As such, there is no surface to leave a fingerprint on and therefore there is no danger of anyone detecting a fingerprint, duplicating a fingerprint, faking a finger to enter, or even getting an image of your fingerprint.
  • Is The Fortress weather proof?
    Yes. It is water resistant against the usual weather elements, such as rain, snow or dust.
  • Do you lose all the fingerprints if the batteries go dead?
    No the fingerprint details are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • What kind of sensor does The Fortress use?
    The Fortress uses a thermal sensor that is the same one used on IBM’s fingerprint-password keyboard. However, its algorithm is more powerful to handle a much more challenging job: 1) To verify one fingerprint out of a thousand fingerprints, 2) to operate within the form factor of a small microprocessor, and 3) to function in an outdoor, weather-prone environment.
  • Can I delete one person at a time?
  • Can I delete everything at one time and reset to factory defaults?

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Date Launched: Jul 13 2010
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