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Wholesale Surveillance + Security From China

CCTV Cameras

Wholesale category for Security Cameras. Wired CCTV Cameras include Night Vision Security Cameras, Dome Cameras, Professional Surveillance CCD units, Vandalproof die-cast metal models, and new Sony Super HAD Security Camera series.

Quality assured professional surveillance devices: order confidently - you can easily profit from reselling security cameras thanks to these low wholesale prices and direct express shipping to you or your customers door.

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Solar Powered Dummy Camera
$11.41  $17.12 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
CCTV Dome Camera with OSD Menu
$72.32  $90.40 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
2.5 Inch LCD Monitor - CCTV Testing Kit
$44.07  $66.10 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Wireless Signal Booster with 300m Range
$56.68  $70.85 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
PAL Mini Security Camera - Dark Wolf
$15.59  $23.39 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
CCTV Dome Camera w/ Micro SD DVR
$65.54  $81.92 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
CCTV Test Kit
$55.70  $69.62 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Outdoor CCTV Camera w/ IR Array - Linksec
$40.76  $61.14 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
IR Array LED Dome CCTV Camera w/ 700TVL
$37.29  $55.93 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Mini Security Camera - Pico
$49.72  $74.58 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Nightvision Security Camera w/ 1/3 Inch CCD
$36.16  $54.24 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Security Camera with Sony Exview HAD CCD
$63.28  $79.10 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
NTSC Mini Security Camera - Dark Wolf
$15.59  $23.39 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
Dummy Security Camera
$2.94  $4.41 
In Stock - Shipping within 24 hours
We hear you! Security industry pros need the latest professional-grade tools for surveillance and monitoring situations, while getting them at a low China Wholesale Price. Chinavasion is proud to offer you this wide selection of factory-direct Surveillance Equipment, DVRs and Security Camera Kits with all the latest features at prices that you cannot find anywhere else.

China CCTV Cameras

Close-Circuit Television or CCTV for short, are perhaps the four little letters most synonymous with security. Once something merely for the police and security professionals, CCTV cameras have become accessible and available for all and the market has expanded exponentially to cater to the growing needs and demands.

This vast range includes everything from heavy duty weather proof cameras to vandal resistant cameras. With features such as optical zoom, pan and tilt functions as well as a range of viewing and recording options to customize your very own security surveillance kit.

Whosale Security Cameras

CCTV is still universally used for crime prevention and detection, its widely accepted that installation of quality surveillance equipment including CCTV Cameras, Dome Cameras and Night Vision security cameras all lower criminal activity. At Chinavasion we have done the hard work of sourcing some of the best surveillance equipment, DVRs and security camera kits with all the latest features so we can provide a vast range of options to our customers at great wholesale prices.

So whether you’re looking for hidden or mini cameras, discreet cameras, vandal proof cameras, waterproof cameras, dome cameras or any other security based cameras we’re confident you’ll be able to find the right product to satisfy your needs.

Our China Security Cameras Catalog

Demand for Security Cameras, both the wired CCTV and wireless types, continues to be strong everywhere in the world. Our Security Camera selection employs the latest and best surveillance and monitoring technology to maintain public security and continue the fight against crime. From hidden or disguised mini cameras all the way up to professional grade vandal-proof outdoor dome cameras, and from indoor wireless pinhole spy cameras to high resolution waterproof cameras,you'll be able to find a surveillance camera and a price to satisfy your needs.

Applications of Surveillance Cameras... here are just a few examples of some of the end-user applications that surveillance cameras from Chinavasion have been purchased for:

  • Night time public area safety
  • Shop CCTV installations
  • Professional private investigator data gathering
  • Home burglar alarm systems
  • Residential security
  • Factory / workplace employee supervision
  • Baby monitoring
  • Swimming pool safety
  • Apartment building security
  • University campus monitoring

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