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Smart Alarms

Don't leave your home or business unsupervised while you're out. With Chinavasion's range of home security systems you can protect your property and be sure no one gets in unnoticed while you're away. With a full range of smart alarms for home and business use, Chinavasion electronics wholesale store has a solution for all your security needs.

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Smart Home Alarm Systems

Business and House alarms have been around for decades, but with the advent of new smart home technology it is possible to integrate cameras, door sensors, smoke alarms, a motion sensor alarm and more into one harmonized home alarm system capable of alerting you to all manner of hazards.

These smart alarms will typically connect to a home network or utilize a GSM SIM card to send notifications and updates to your cell phone.

GSM Alarm System

With GSM alarm systems your security is linked to the cellular phone network and by making use of a SIM card you can send commands and receive notifications as well as updates from these alarm systems where ever there's a cell phone signal, so you're always informed.

The best home security systems are scalable, allowing extra sensor such as motion detections or cameras to be added to meet your needs. This means that they be suitable for every size home, office or workplace.

DIY Security Systems

Often referred to as DIY security systems the business and home surveillance systems available through Chainvasion are quick and easy to install saving you money on expensive installation fees. Many come with free mobile apps for iOS and Android users so the alarm monitoring is taken care of by the user rather than requiring a monthly security fee or service charge. This contract-free monitoring is an ideal way to start your smarter home security and flexible enough to meet your changing needs with customizable setups.

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless home security systems are one of the easiest and best security systems choice for those wanting flexibility and an easy set up. They allow greater flexibility on where cameras, door alarms, motion detectors, and alarms are setup. This can be advantages in rented or leased properties where there could be restrictions on laying cables and installing fixtures. Additionally, you can quickly expand the system with very little effort and if your needs change it is easy to reposition sensors, and IP cameras to address changing security concerns.

Wholesale Smart Alarm System

Whether you are protecting your own property, or looking to offer state of the art security to customers Chinavasion has a great range of solutions for the most compressive needs. All of our expandable kits have extra sensor available so for bespoke solutions don't hesitate in contacting our English speaking customer service.

With Wholesale prices, a 1 year warranty and express shipping purchasing smart security alarms and surveillance systems from Chinavasion brings you great value as well as peace of mind.

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