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Wireless Guardian - Anti Theft Alarm Set

Alarm Set

Product code: CVECG-J21

Alarm Set

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Keep your valuables safe with this anti theft wireless alarm key chain. Anti-theft and anti-loss wireless alarm for traveler's luggage and for people walking around in busy streets. This wireless set comes with both a transmitter that you can attach to your luggage or purse as well as a wireless receiver.

So how does this anti-loss safety set work? Included in the set is a key chain receiver and a transmitter. You simply attach the transmitter to your hand bad, backpack or briefcase, and keep the receiver with you or simply attache it to your key chain. If the two sets separate apart more than 5 meters then the receiver that in in your possession will begin to emit very loud beeps, alerting everyone to the situation. This is an easy solution to make sure you are never separated from those things important to you

If you travel often and have to carry your laptop bag, which also might contain currency and your passport, then this is the perfect item for you. Get the peace of mind you deserve in your journeys, without having to always be paranoid or on the look out. This wireless guardian comes with 3 selectable modes each unique in providing strict security measures to ensure your belongings are safe from pick pockets and thief's roaming the shopping malls and town centers.

First Mode will make the receiver beep if the wireless transmitter is more than 5-10 meters away from each other. Vibration mode, when the wireless transmitter is shaken, then the transmitter will alarm and the receiver will beep. Magnetic Mode, this mode works by using the magnet and the wireless transmitter together and attache them to your bags zipper, and when someone tries to tamper with the zipper, the transmitter will alarm and the receiver will beep.

Never lose your purse or backpack, thanks to this genius anit-theft alarm set. This item makes a great gift for the whole family and if you are into making money, this is also a prime time product to feature on your own internet storefront. The CVECG-J21 is proudly brought to you by the leaders in factory direct wholesale consumer electronics, Chinavasion.

At a Glance...
  • 5 meter safety zone
  • Attach to backpacks, purses, etc.
  • Loud alarm for everyone nearby to hear


Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: Anti Theft Alarm
  • Wireless Alarm Transmitter + Wireless Alarm Receiver
  • Three Selectable Function Modes:
  • Anti-Lost/ Pick Pocket Mode: Any Time Wireless Transmitter is 3~5 Meters from Wireless Receiver, Receiver will Beep.
  • Vibration Mode: If Mode is selected, when the Wireless Transmitter is Vibrated, Transmitter Will Alarm and Receiver Will Beep
  • Magnetic Mode: If Mode is selected, when Magnet Attached To Wireless Transmitter and A Zipper are Separated, Transmitter Will Alarm and Receiver Will Beep
  • One Touch Button for Any Time Alarm/Finding Items
  • One Touch Buttons for Functions ON/OFF
  • Remote Control Distance: Approx 5 -10 Meters
  • Alarm Sound Output: 90dB
  • Power Source:
    - Transmitter- x2 CR2032 Batteries
    - Receiver- x1 CR2032 Battery
  • Dimensions:
    - Transmitter - L:60 x W:35 x D:20 (mm)
    - Receiver - L:50 x W:32 x D: 19mm (mm)
  • Catalog Ref: Wholesale Anti Theft Alarm - Wireless Guard - CVECG-CG002

Product Notes

  • Great for people who travel often
  • Very useful to be used when out shopping on busy weekends
  • Very loud bi bi bi bi noise, alerts everyone around you.

Package Contents for Model CVECG-J21

  • Wireless Guardian - Anti Theft Alarm Set
  • Magnet Sensor
  • Magnet
  • Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do the batteries last?
    This unit operates on very little power so the batteries should last a good while, but it is good practice to always check the battery just encase your battery is running low.

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Date Launched: Nov 09 2009
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