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To protect your privacy it is important to take steps to ensure that your business meetings or other private conversations are not being recorded. One way to do that is to jam wireless signals, preventing spy camera surveillance and also disabling cellphones.

When looking at the price variance in mobile signal jamming equipment it is important to consider what your mobile security needs are, the range you need to operate in and how advanced then technology is. An adjustable jammer simply to block mobile phone intrusion will cost considerably less than anti-spy camera jammer. A good rule of thumb to follow is the larger operating radius, the higher the price.

Jammer coverage is affected greatly by the environment. In a perfect world there is no such thing as interference but for the best results distance your jammer from other electrical products, like computers, TV's, projectors or speakers.

When ordering jammers double check the jamming frequencies of the unit. US-based users should get a GSM jammer that blocks the USA's 850 MHz band for example. Also remember to pass on simple installation advice to your customers to ensure your customers get the best results and you develop a good seller reputation. One good suggestion might be to mount the unit in the centre of your desired coverage area away from electro-magnetic field generating equipment.

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