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MP3 and MP4 Watches are one of the hottest gadgets around. It's not just the 'gadget factor' making them popular as they are fast becoming a must have accessory for students and people on the go.

If you are interested in these great watches you may also like to check out our super cool mobile phone watches! Don't forget about portable digital video players too.

By using our product photographs and product articles/blogs, you can easily market a wider range of produts to your customers. You may also like to tune in to Chinavasion TV to see our products in action!

These watches really are awesome devices. They are perfect for taking your music or movies with you.Being a watch you have nothing to carry in your pockets or bag and they are virtually theft proof.Chinavasion's wide range of styles, from sports to fashion, allow you to match your gadgets to any occasion or outfit. Great for hiking and travel these watches are sure to be popular with your customers. An ideal gift item, these cool watches will appeal to people of all ages.
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