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MP4 Players - easy to use

The Digital MP4 Players you can order from this 2GB category, as with all our MP4 Players, are easy to connect to a computer and intuitive to use. Using the supplied USB cable the user can connect the MP4 Player to a PC and (in Windows 2000 / XP) instantly have a connection for simply dragging and dropping media files to and from the MP4 Player memory. There is no need to install drivers. This is much easier than Ipod MP4 players, which require installation of proprietary iTunes software to be able to transfer MP3 and MP4 songs and videos to the player.

Filetypes supported by MP4 Players

Check the descriptions of the 2GB MP4 Players for details of which media filetypes are supported by the digital music / video player. All MP4 Players will play MP3 format music, and most will also play WMA tracks. Most Digital MP4 Players require conversion of videos into a native filetype before the media will display correctly on the personal video player screen, and where this is the case, the devices are supplied with media conversion software.

Almost all MP4 Players can also be used to store and display your digital photos in JPG / BMP / GIF format, as well as show text files.

Low wholesale MP4 Player prices

Register free for a Chinavasion buyer account and you'll be able to log in and see how cheap MP4 Players can be when you are buying in wholesale quantities, meaning great profit margins for your electronics business. 2GB MP4 Players are higher priced than 1GB models because of the larger flash memory capacity, and command higher resale prices for the extra storage space. Shipping rates for 2GB models are the same as for lower capacities, so your shipping costs relative to the goods value of your wholesale orders will be more economical for these higher capacity models.

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