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Wholesale LED Projectors From China

Mini Projectors

Mini Projectors are the smallest size portable projectors, often known as Pico Projectors. They are ultra easy to carry and a cool way of showing off your photos to your family and friends, by beaming the images onto a wall or screen - as well as a cool business tool for presentations on the go!

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Best Portable Projectors and LED Beamers

It's not difficult nowadays to find the best pocket projector to suit your needs. Well that's what you think initially until you find out that your ideal projector cost a you a fortune. Price tags over 1000 usd isn't something that everyone can afford. And even if you can, why would you page for it? At Chinavasion, we have opened the doors to portable projector manufacturers that offer there best portable projectors and beamers at a wholesale price.

Mini Projectors and Beamers

Huge LED beamers are definitely nice and they will impress your visitor at home, BUT unfortunately they are so hard to carry around. With the best mini projectors and mini LED beamers from Chinavasion, this classical problem is solved. Our wholesale mini pocket projectors are exceptionally small, while maintaining the quality that you deserve. What's more, they are also very light which makes them even more portable.

Best Wholesale Pocket Projectors from China

With the huge price difference between the prices of your local LED projector retailer and Chinavasion's, there is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to source directly from China through Chinavasion. We are the preferred supplier of small LED projectors due to our competitive prices and fast shipping.

Pico LED Projectors and Beamers for Computers and Laptops

Small beamers are also called 'pico projectors' and what makes some of them special is that they can be connected to your PC or notebook. With the increased use of streaming videos online, the demand of pico projectors has increased significantly in the recent years. The benefit of pico projectors that use LED technology is that it can save you money when it comes to your energy bills.
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